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Bottle of magical herbs that they put together for the patient and give them his colleague Rudo which protects them. I'm from further Daniel. The first Mesa that Stephen Most participated in happened a few weeks after he met Calderon. It occurred at the home of the artist. Who Stephen Mistake with Pedro at Eduardo came with an assistant to Patriots House before twilight? It were to have have this white sack and together. They laid out the objects of the Mesa. The Mesa is a portable altar used by Shamans for healing ceremonies. ritual space. It's it's a square piece of cloth it's white so it's very visible in the dark. It's about Four feet by four feet. The ritual space is divided into three sections representing good evil and the area and between various objects it's are placed in the different sections some of which are drawn from Christian traditions and some representing indigenous earth aspects of the world multiple staffs and sores represent. Different spiritual talk vibrations. These things are laid out in rows so that one has a feeling of order and organization and these these objects constituted what I call a symbolic microcosm that this represents everything that there is. Everything is on the same plane in the ancient shamanism and contemporary proven shamanism. Everything the what. You could call good what you could call evil what you'd call the area in between in your judgment and it's all on the same plane so you can see it all so that these forces can balance each other in a way that you can deal with. Eduardo would set up the Mesa with a see his back. As a sailor and fisherman he was linked to the sea and felt that it would protect him while he worked so it word Oh told us that Abreu hole and Evil Shaman was working that night at a distance so this was a little all set up for the drama of the Evening Pedro had a relative of whom he was afraid. He thought was practicing sorcery on him. And this could be done by someone. WHO's not a brew who goes to Abreu to hex somebody of whom he's jealous for for example and I think Pedro was afraid he was so successful? He was a well known artist. He was head of Art Studio but he was also Cheryl and he was afraid did that people would feel that he had betrayed his people. I don't know what the real personal relationships were but He thought there was somebody. He's somebody he knew who is putting Exxon him. PEDROIA had some symptoms. I don't know exactly what it was. But it's certainly extreme anxiety that he hope the Mesa would cure a key. Part of the Mesa ceremony performed by Calderon and other couldn't data from northern Peru is is the use of a hallucinogenic brew made from San Pedro a large cactus containing masculine six sided cactus which has the unique property of having a flower. That flowers very rarely maybe once every year or two at night. It's this white flowers. Kinda gross shape. It's really ugly. It's large and hangs out almost genital. It's really weird and it's just there for a night and then it sort of hangs hangs limply after it's night of glory. The San Pedro Brew is made by slicing the cactus thinly in boiling the pieces for many hours with water to create eight a thick mixture which is poured into a big jar. That's then passed around for people to drink. Some Pedro is when it's cooked. All Day is a thick liquid. That is very bitter very alcohol on and the taste is awful. Awful and one does not drink when has to force oneself. There's also another way besides drinking San Pedro that when takes in hallucinogenics. One has to drink this little potion when standing in front of the Mesa facing this Shaman. Drink this potion through the nose who is from an eastern show everyone who stands before the Mesa has to drink through the nose. This was not not a pleasant task but I did it. And it has some San Pedro. It had some tobacco it had peace. Go which is is a proven liquor. You lift this oyster Shell to your nostrils to each one and drink through your nose. Now San Pedro itself. When you drink it through the now can be any medic and people often vomit hacking? They have it and it's not pleasant. But let me tell you drinking drinking this stuff through your nose clears out your sinuses and there's a sense that you're dissed purging yourself. It's not it's silent. You give vomited. You have this incredible stuff going through your nostrils making you convulse. So you're in a different state of mind and in the darkness the one thing you see those brightly is the white turban on Eduardo's head the voice. The feeling of having San Pedro on the the unpleasantness doesn't last very long. You drink at. It's taste bad. And it enters your body. And then of course comes the interesting part to see the psychoactive give results of San Pedro. The major thing I experienced after drinking San Pedro was seeing these these patterns he's facto patterns and in in colors. That was really interesting but also what I I felt that I experienced was a kind of psychological bond with other people. They're even the people have very different culture than myself. We seem to be experiencing the same thing at the same time. And what I mean. Is that Eduardo. When he had a patient or sufferer in front of the Mesa would want to know which of the swords staffs corresponded to what was happening? Psychologically or spiritually in that person and he would say that the sword vibrated that would tell him which sortie had to pick up to help this person and and I seem to know in other seems to know it has to be that one you can see the staffs were or vibrating. You know they. They were animated and the environment felt loaded with energy would say that the the songs wrongs the ritual ceremony the invoking of the spirits of the past and their ancestors coupled with the very congenital. Easy feeling that you get from. Some patriot is very very gentle. Very very smooth. There's no shock therapy involved with the Mexico and in San Pedro. This is actually an interesting aspect of my life because when I was at Harvard Richard Alpert who later became Baba Ramdas and Timothy leary. Were there and I knew both of them. I was a research assistant for Richard Alpert and he said come back and work with me next semester during I'll take you to a higher level of consciousness. I didn't see that his consciousness so high. I was not impressed by the guy and a few weeks after I'd finished working with him he and leary were kicked out are forgiving LSD undergraduates. I felt that having experienced son. Pedro zero in this ancient ritual setting gave me understanding of psychoactive drugs. It wasn't quite as extreme as many of the people people of my generation at that time because many people thought who is a sacrament he would change their consciousness in a way that would lead them to the new worlds of understanding. I did have LSD suicide and mushrooms. And so on I would say the major difference is that on Son Pedro at least in my experience. I wasn't tripping. It was part of a ritual context the trip if you want to call it. That was the Mesa itself itself ceremony. It isn't known for sure why the Mesa ceremony happens at night. But the night is is woven into the fabric of the tradition in multiple ways. Part of the power of the macy's the darkness. The Mason folds in the dark. It doesn't begin until it's dark ends when the light comes and I think a lot of its power has to do with concentrated light within the context of darkness. Your imagination takes overnight. Also I think this is a kind of ritual which which opens up your your wisdom it. It is not at night mainly because night that principle of transitory reality opens within the individual to receive and plus Mitt his emotions. You think if you ask the Shaman. He'd say it's because that's when spirits are alive and the and condos which are the animistic take forces in nature are most manifest is very strange and it may be that people discovered the psychoactive active properties of San Pedro thousands of years ago and then thought well. Here's this flower. That comes out at night. Perhaps we can do a ceremony. The at night that uses this plant in a powerful way. The entire ceremony approximates the blooming cycle of the Nocturnal San Pedro Cactus. They're interesting symbolic parallels because according to the Codelco what you want to do at night is get a soul of the patients over like.

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