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Fans dreams. David, can we all agree? Did we not see with our own eyes? Can we not agree? It was U.S. international Brendan Anthony who scored the winner on his Premier League debut? Yes, in the NBA in college basketball and the WNBA. You credit the nearest offensive player rod when a player puts it into his own bucket. This was, I think, calling that an own goal is positively un American. That was a goal. That was an American goal. That was for Brendan aronson. It came off my shin somewhere in there. He said, peace somewhere in there. This kid and his confidence at camp three 30 tweeted us the first 2024 presidential election debate needs to open and close with the question did Brendan aaronson score in the opener, not content though, just with the two one win, Jesse marsh. What happened at the final whistle David with wolves coach Bruno large that the large bargee? Yeah, it was an interesting one. I mean, we don't know the full details or I certainly don't know the full details. You may have done some deep investigative undercover work to figure it out. It sort of looked to me and we've all seen this done that Jesse marsh in attempting to attempting to quotation marks. Prevent a fight managed to instigate a fight or prolong a fight at the same time. We've all been there. We've all done it. That sort of moment where you try to stop it. Now let's no, no, no, as you push somebody a little bit too hard and you get in the middle of it. It looked like it was a classic fight accelerant when he was acting like he was trying to sort of make it all go away. Jesse marsh said afterwards that it was nothing. It was just nothing. Told the media that he was very displeased with the way Jesse marsh talked to his players, Huang. In particular, but Jesse marsh don't care. He do not care like to believe that my lip reading was right that he lent him to Bruno's here and just whispered you lose. Now you have to call it soccer from here on in and Jessie marsh. By the way, give zero craps about what anybody thinks about him, but I did love watching him march up to the lead's faithful in the Jackie Charlton stand. Orchestrate in their post match joy with armed punches and slightly hilarious finger wiggles. It was like some kind of version of badger state clop, a tradition I would like to see repeat itself, please God over and over this season. A signature win to kick off, let's be clear. Play a challenge in that squad in the post Kelvin Phillips and rafina era that were spells in both halves when the defense was split wide open, chaotically wolves just couldn't take advantage of the situation, other teams will Southampton up next, then Chelsea, let's really start celebrating after that. But David, Lee United States of America against full America in October, I mean, is that not bigger than the Super Bowl. It's definitely the biggest MLS game of all time, right? Yeah, that's pretty big. I would counsel roger, I should say, Jesse marsh, I know he doesn't give a crap, but I would counsel him not to become a lightning rod for opposition managers and fans early in his Premier League career. When he hasn't won a lot yet, he might sort of want to sort of tap down that sort of energy. He's a brilliant manager. He's clearly getting everything out of his place. I don't think it's in his or the American states United's interest at this point. Can you if you can, Jesse tampered up? Well that's exactly what he was trying to do in that fight, rod, he was trying to tamp it up. I will say the fight did make me feel a certain sense of relief that Sean dyche is not the Premier League anymore. He might not live to tell the tale. Rod, you're going to talk more about this game with none other than Tyler Adams, you're taping with him later today for episode four of Tyler Adams wrote to the cut pad by Volkswagen. It drops next Tuesday right here on this very pod feed now to Newcastle two Nottingham Forest nil the tune get their first win of the Premier League season over new boys Nottingham Forest after a scoreless first half, Fabian Cher sent a Swiss thunderbolt into the forest net in the 58th minute and then just 20 minutes later Callum Wilson in a tribute to tune support of Phil Mickelson produced a piece of short game wizardry with a deft flick for the second. They're often running in the northeast slash Middle East Russia. Massive day for both of these clubs, Newcastle, effervescent on the opening day of the first full season under Saudi owners, their fans raising a banner, which proclaimed it's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life for any UFC and we're feeling good. Oh, forest sleeping giant they more back in the big time first time in 23 years after a worse than their first championship season. We'd say emerge from the playoffs and the young manager, bringing sexy back, Steve Cooper. They were gay. They were nervy, their squad filled with new players still a work in progress, but they were organized enough to keep Newcastle at the back, tempting to exert unique competitive advantage with some truly bonkers corner routines where they have no one in the area until the last second and every single player just charges into the box like some kind of NFL onside kick drill. Look at it. It's on our Instagram. It didn't work. Q global laughter, but I'll say the very first time it does for ball may never be the same again. Ultimately, two moments of finishing class the second Callum Wilson finished so tasty, enough to see off forest, give them a lot to think about and the way Alan saint maximum and gema carved up the midfield these two are going to make Newcastle and Saudi Arabia look very, very good this season. Leicester two brantford two the foxes campaign got off to a flying start after Timothy castagna turned in a 33rd minute James Madison corner 12 minutes later, kin and drew spree hall caught hold of a Jamie Vardy layoff and sent a grass trimmer beyond the Brentford goalkeeper, but Leicester is as Leicester does second half lapse, allowed Ivan Toney to pull one back for the bees and it was Josh de Silva's curling effort just before stoppage time, which secured a draw for the bees. The post Casper Schmeichel era begins for broad, whose team played with a clenched fist and a glass duel. I actually believe if one of these two clubs could be pulled into the relegation battle this season, they depleted Leicester with Pereira coolly out for 6 months. He just battled back from one Achilles injury, then went

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