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Gin wilkin and j. t. english and today we're joined by. Dr michael kruger. Dr krueger serves as the president. And samuel patterson professor of new testament and early christianity at reformed theological seminary. He is the author of many books. Including but not limited to cannon revisited a biblical theological introduction to the new testament the gospel of the savior and the heresy of orthodoxy. On top of all that he is a friend a recurring guest of the podcast. Dr krueger we're glad to have you on the show today. Thank you well. Thanks so much this is so fun. I'm excited to be on while we're honored to have you i gotta tell you cannon revisited And the episode. We did with you on. The cannon are two of the episodes that episode. I send to a ton of people and that book is. I just tell you if you've got questions and your doctor. Cougar has a lot of good books. And i have not had a chance to read all of them. I've read many of them. I will say this though. There is not a better book. I think for many people's questions about the shape of the canon then cana revisited. I give that book by all the time. So thank you for writing it. Yeah we'll thank you. I was a fun conversation that we had. And i'm glad it's useful to people. I think that probably is the book that most people think when they Think about my writings. So i'm always courtesy how it's helped people. Yeah but we love it. We love it. So we're going to jump into romans. Three twenty one through thirty one today. I'm an ass. Jt would you read the passage for us just to get his going and they will jump into some talking through some questions. Yeah this is. Romans chapter three beginning in verse twenty one but now the righteousness of god has been manifested apart from the law although the law and the prophets bear witness to it the righteousness of god through faith in jesus christ for all who believe for there is no distinction for all send in fall short of the glory of god and justified by his grace as a gift through the redemption..

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