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Finished up one hundred seventy five points, and we're back over twenty five thousand now. So you can open your eyes when you check your 4._0._1._K again classes resumed at the kingdom you at middle school in Warren yesterday following an apparent teacher sick out last Friday that cost quite the disruption. Their teacher's union officials said that the stage over concerns about unruly student behavior and associated safety issues. Bristol Warren school officials sent a letter to parents and guardians over the weekend. Addressing safety concerns instead of police officer will now be in the building during school days. So apparently the children must play make those kids behave patriots game back to Tf green airport yesterday the team plane landing just after two pm the players then boarded buses to go back to Gillette stadium in Foxborough. That's where they were greeted by even more supporters after their six Lombok. Hardy trophy win patriot quarterback Tom Brady and the Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman, though, they weren't there. They went to DisneyWorld you just one you just won the Super Bowl where you going. I'm going to DisneyWorld. So the university of Rhode Island wasn't the only college campus in the state were arrests were made following the New England Patriots. Superbowl went on Sunday. The Providence Journal reporting this morning to college students were charged during post game celebrations. New the providence college campus, Connor cocky student and Dawson Campbell from Johnson and Wales university behaving badly. Police say one was spotted trying to light a couch on fire net. Nice. Well, this other guy allegedly was seen lighting off fireworks. In the middle of a large crowd embers from one of the fireworks. By the way, reportedly hit somebody in caused that person's hair to catch on fire. I don't get it. You know, I've said this before hey, you just won the Super Bowl. Let's set something on fire. Just crazy. You consider yourself a nice safe driver. Do you use those directionals both hands on the wheel? Well, you know, what you could be forty thousand dollars richer Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news from highway driving.

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