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I was wondering what she was talking about. Gazza what the hell show is when he did that. That's what they're all triggered about. Court yet, but the thing is. He's saying it because he knows that CNN. All the fake news is there are forced to at least record what he's saying. They don't broadcast it, but he knows that the people. Jeff Zucker and all are watching this. These names have been floated out there or talked about on our side. It's I. Call it aside for years. It's sort of like it's like going to another country and you're talking about I. Don't know we'll talk about slip all or star wars or something, and you'd some country and. And Taiwan, and they have no idea who spiderman is. Our theater is I. Mean it's like you're different world. Our neighbors our next door neighbor liberal friends have no understanding who all these cast of characters are. We all take for granted. You do often as you take for granted. You're still immersed in this. Ernie. You forget that the average person has been that ignorant or whether you call low information voters like rush limbaugh wherever word that you WANNA, use, but. But they don't know but the fact that that right now as of today, this person called Lisa page. The name Lisa page now being floated out there as another female victim poor victim of of Donald trump will. Why are they floating? Around is a victim because in one week all the crops about to come out who this person what she's done. This is just one example of how they are bracing themselves trying to discredit this report, The Washington Post. Article, saying that according to the post, which will from sure in a row trustworthy that that that attorney general bar is disagreeing with the key findings of the. Report okay supposedly that he's in conflict with the key finding now whether that's true I, don't know I doubt it. Because Washington Post said so, but they're already trying to discredit and so confusion into what's going to happen next week so now now, of course you're talking about Teneo and I. Get all that this old stuff needs to be all needs to come out, but there's two parts to this. Earning the I is is that you have to one of the problems with us? As Libertarians especially were so immersed in this, it's hard for focus on one area. Trump is very good at focusing especially when it comes up with the name why why sleepy Joe, right or low energy. It's the idea that you can boil it down to a main medium or a main issue today. Probably many of us do get distracted because these things are complex, but trump can fought filing downs of the main point. Yes, we may not get. On the first round, Ernie, but for God's sake within three years. This president who had no one said could even win including you. Resolve a sudden hope constructing the media now we're having a discussion of how the deep state is working. We're seeing the deep state out there. Just just a week, or so ago we had members of the state in their damn bow ties showing up on the Congress saying well by great great great grandfather was part of the deep state and dammit. Way I'm you're seeing the policy changes your your? State, finally, being ferreted out, you're seeing the state, and how the entertainment is people wanting and Epstein, and they've been rooted out. I mean all of this I mean this is you've got the average amount of those things are just side effects, their ops. We have the senior wits, not Ernie tomorrow. Senior Managing Director Guy Named Nate Cameron right nature sponsor for the supervision of tornadoes, government and public affairs offering Blah Blah Blah. Blah, he provides CEO, level, guidance, and counseling array of work, regulatory, legislative and reputational priorities he's. They're given access to the government. WHO's he? He served at the highest levels of state, local and federal campaigns and garment. Went to after ten years serving as President Obama, most recently as special assistant to the president for public engagement and Associate Director White House Office Political Affairs Blab blast. These the revolving door is to neo is a roadmap of how they did it, and if they aren't the deep state, they sure as hell are buddies, and going to the same parties and I'm going. They haven't even hardly mentioned it and I'm going why. EARNING EARNING EARNING.

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