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Sector in order to set now this Bloomberg sports update draft number one is now the books for GM Joe Douglas and the jets and it was a busy two nights in one afternoon on Saturday they traded away one of their sixth round picks to the colts to acquire cornerback Quincy Wilson the selections in round four running back LaMichael piranha Florida giving them some depth behind levy on bell also in round four they chose quarterback James Morgan from Florida international and Charlotte office of tackle Cameron Clark price all the Virginia cornerback was a fifth round selection in their final pick in round six was punter Braden man from Texas a and M. the judge chose UCLA cornerback Darnay Holmes around four he had eight interceptions in three years with the Bruins they also took Shane Lemieux the guard from Oregon in round five around after that camp around the Penn state linebacker and they have four picks in round seven Minnesota linebacker Carter Coughlin South Carolina linebacker T. J. Brunson Chris Williamson a cornerback for Minnesota and tae Crowder Mr irrelevant the last pick of the entire draft he's an inside linebacker from Georgia the long saga of Trent Williams of the Redskins is also finally come to an end as he was traded to the forty Niners for a pair of draft picks a fifth rounder this year and a third rounder in twenty twenty one since the long hold out on medical drama between the two we didn't play a single snap this past season his holdout partly due to a cancerous growth on his scalp that he felt the Redskins medical team did not adequately diagnose or provide treatment for the mayor of Tampa light heartedly apologizing to Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady you may remember he was kicked out of a local park this past week while working out mayor Jane castor issued a letter that she placed on social media which in part said that it was our duty to have someone investigate when there was a gold starting in one of their beautiful parks Brady known as the gold or greatest of all time the mayor also welcomed the box new tight end rob Gronkowski to the city with a Bloomberg sports update on for Gerrity this is the beginning of the radio news comments and insights from bloom ripping its worldwide team of editors and columnists I'm Jim Brosseau coming up on the show Airbnb can inflict major damage on the mortgage market plus why a restaurant meal is going to be a luxury good but first president trump has made it clear.

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