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Twenty one years old purchase a semiautomatic rifle. Why is it then then some members of the state law enforcement community are refusing to enforce a measure that was passed by the majority of voters in November. Komo's Carleen Johnson has more on initiative sixteen thirty nine let's county in southwest Washington did not support the measure this year and the commission this week took a vote on a resolution, formerly opposing it. Because someone in Olympia says is a law doesn't really qualify. Commissioner Arne Mortenson says he's consulted the prosecutor and the sheriff about enforcement and was told by both. They will not had Gators custom guns and Kelso. The owner. Wally went says, he's glad to see the Commissioner's take this stand asked. If he will break the law of somebody under twenty one comes into purchase a semiautomatic. I have not had an eighteen to twenty year old come to the counter and say are you going to sell me that twenty two automatic over there? I'm going to cross that bridge when I get to Kellett's county at least the fifth county in our state to come out against initiative sixteen thirty nine the police chief in Republic county, click at Ted county, and Franklin county have all said, they will not enforce the law. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Thanks to an incredible effort a food Bank in Monroe is back open despite a power outage that kept them in the dark for nearly twelve hours Thursday. Komo's Patrick Quinn has a story about a community banding together. I'll take Jacob Coleman needed help. Please. Thank you so much, and he got it greatly appreciated, but feeding those like Jacob seemed out of the question when the sky valley foodbank lost power on Thursday and the power went out, and there were three staff here, we're like what's going on with their frozen food starting to thaw the food Bank. That's been feeding the community since nineteen seventy six now needed help themselves and soon they got it. It almost brought me to tears all of a sudden Monroe police officers firefighters city workers volunteers showed up. Up and saved more than twelve thousand pounds of perishable food, and when the lights came on sooner than expected, so they removed it all back all they lost about fourteen hundred pounds of dairy products that doors of the Monroe food Bancorp back open giving once again, finding.

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