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Of them out there geno that the people that run detroit buy into this crap the coleman young a junior whatever his name is on i mean they buy into this crap uh this is uh the communist revolution that's truce all comes out of a nobody we'll talk about it there either not smart enough to know that that's a fact or they're afraid because while they'll sunk crazy idea of a tough like that those on that's crazy talk where they come from communist revolutionary all your job here are you a john birch society member you're crazy uh i'm not a member yet but i'm thinking about seriously there there too stupid to understand that that's what this is all about this this this crazy thread if you will vein of a leftist them that's permeated america is the communist revolution we find out today just recently that the russians have been all running a propaganda campaign in the united states of america around the pipeline the pipeline protests remember when they're all up in arms on the several pipelines out the the most famous been keystone luther a bunch of motor and up the couldn't complete production of pipeline wolfer number reasons mainly because we had breakfast sent obama in the white house a we had uh gina mccarthy stirred out of uh of central lesbian casting to come in and run the epa and they would not let those pipelines be built just wouldn't do it but who was the biggest propaganda behind that the kept everybody all ginned up from television radio ads out in the area where the pipelines were a proposed the russian government i stuck it up on facebook associate for so we'll talk about that later on so our latter russia russian collusion going on and why would the russians do that that they want to destroy the united states of america some do but there is they wanna do that that is because they don't want the united states being energy independent they want us buying energy from them the saudis whatever so of trying to undermine our energy through a slick advertising campaign tough reckon russians yeah uh you know the.

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