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Listening to something. Where i think of all my gosh. This is a good just a good thing to drop in a mentioned this past week i was on. I was watching listening to the podcast. That i wish i remembered their new names but the former iconic the former billy kane payton royce had and they were talking. I'm about peyton hit. Cassie hassi's her name was talking then. Cassie biking on her last name but cassie and has he lied. Jessie mckay kathy. Lee has in jessie mckay thing. Yeah so the thing that came up. Is that cassie was talking. Thank you so much. Because i'm glad the new name is we want yeah. Cassie was talked about having eating disorder and eating this or if not eating source talked about bulimia struggling with away and and and then that was me listening to that last week and then we had this happen. And it's just like could we please not be horrible to two women and women were up. Everybody is in their physiques. Because the other thing i thought about was like years ago there was one time where brie bella showed up and it was like right after around the holidays like she. She did gained some weight but people just dragged her and we're attacking her and all that stuff and it's like why don't be horrible. Just be a good person. Be nice and value people beyond their looks if you if you can please value people beyond what they look like what they what their bodies are like. I'm glad that we touched on that too. Because there's a lot we always managed to get some kind of issue in the hashtag body shaming is. This week's this week's thing. And i really hope at hyper. I hope that she knows how to navigate that and it's not hitting her too hard or anything and that so To all the women performers even marie naomi and piper nevin definitely no. We're not talking to them. We're talking about creative. Yeah okay. So i mean this is great mad. I mean it's we are preview show. We are predictions and then next next week we will be back to normal. We will have a special guest. We'll see some more levity to the highlights of you know get back into our rhythm For the second season again will also be Will also be on stereo. Live on sunday a directly after the paper view so go and follow us on stereo so you can get notified when we go live. If you're on stereo when we're live you can submit your own audio questions and you can be a part of the podcast. Please come hang out with us after helena. Show on stereo Matt what are you have going on this week. That's a great question. So i mentioned this last week but i you could find me over on post show recaps for a recap of pride on f. x. part docu series. That should drop in the next couple of days. Actually recording that and the other thing that i'll mention Which i'm sure that people will see over. The next couple of days is something called black voices of rhp. It was this idea that i mentioned and something that kind of i've been thinking about for a long time which is just so often people in general are us. This podcast is. We don't have the space or we don't take the space or however you want to phrase that to share who we are sharing experiences and we also don't have space as lack people talk about what the representation we've seen. Looks like to talk about what it's like to be a black podcast because we've not is different. I mean we're black and some have a show on rha p. and and we are in like literally in the minority in that sense and i'm really proud of the fact that like fifteen or sixteen or seventeen podcasters in some way shape or form of this black voices of rhp focused on the state of black representation in reality tv and it's podcasts coverage and that is coming out over the next day and one thing spoil is that there's a video from mauri right at the top of.

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