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Okay now you're coming from oslo. Let's figure that out like it is that you that's lot some sometimes and it's obvious i admit that it's not always the most efficient use of my time but it's also We're we're a small team and we. We have to wear a lot of hats We have a great relationship with the united airlines and so that helps a lot. When we're we're figuring out some of this stuff. But yeah i've i've become in some ways a sort of a travel expert When you need to get to From from some place to new york city and the best way to do that I i've got a lot of experience them. So what will make the fifth avenue. Mouthy new balance fifth avenue mile. What will make that a successful day for you obviously want the race to go off without without a hitch and because there's a broadcast component where we're live streaming via the event on usatf tv You know as long as i don't get in the way of a camera and things go off on time and the broadcast looks great. That's that's what successful. Of course we want all of our participants from from the kids that are running in the kitty way up through the the pro athletes that are running we want everybody have a great experience but but you know as long as we get those details right That's that's what success for me. That's what that's what i wanna do. I i know how hard these athletes train and i want to do. My part to make the event as good as as they are worthy of worthy of their participation. So that's what. That's what i would consider a success now. This race in particular comes with all kinds of unique challenges. What comes to mind for me is the timing of it because it is usually the second weekend in september. That's a long season for a lot of these track athletes. Especially we're coming. We're in an olympic year. Can you speak to that a little bit about assembling the professional field in a normal year when it's not you know whether it's world championships or olympics. What does that look. I mean. I just think of like all the people that i was like. Oh they'll probably be running again when we're talking i don't know the profiled so i'm thinking like all we're going to see emma coburn per year. Jenny simpson all the the usual faces. We see and then it's like oh shoot..

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