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Can only become a better filmmaker from that or better storyteller or better person to understand all the different complicated emotions of what does representation mean you know. Movies are to our experience. So you're limited and so definitely those lessons get carried onto something like in the heights when you think about all rights who of all these Latin American countries have we not represented yet and how representing or do we need to or like. What is this all about? Actually one thing that I've really enjoyed watching From the outside as you seemingly using your crazy rich Asians clout now to for example announce that you're developing a movie based on the Thai cave divers story than we give voice to the actual people the actual Taibbi voices involved and then in the heights. It's really cool to see you collaborating with lin-manuel on this. I know that it's going to be huge in terms of representation hopefully on the scale. That crazy occasions was but for the next community as well So you're wrapping up that experience now. How has the in the heights shown or allowed you to use your voice in in use your power to not only be a force for for representation but like intersectional representation? Yeah One I. It's like a dream to work with the greatest song writer of our generation. Maybe of all time lin-manuel Miranda's and not only that but watching how. He's a leader in his community. I mean you WanNa talk about well versed in the policies and politics of the Latin x community like he and Kiara our full on the their they do the thing that I can't. I can't talk about all the politics of Asian things because I just don't know all those things I'm just not that person of I like to make movies. But they know all those things. And it's it's so amazing to watch how they interact. They still live in the community that Lynn grew up in and this story. The songs are written about this neighborhood in these neighborhoods about the Bodega owner on the corner to see him. Show up an extras casting. Call these extra. Has Everybody jumps into room? They take polaroid's and they leave and then I look at the polarized and they decide like what's the look that we want. He shows up at that thing. He text me on Sunday because having like Sunday at three. Text me where is that? Oh it's like I think at this address. I don't even know he goes. He shows up and it's he talks to his people and his people being his neighbors telling him how much this means to him that they're here and that they've shown up and that apologized for taking their parking lot. We shoot and it just reminds me like I've got to be a better leader in that. You have to be that person to take that extra time if you want to talk about representing people. It's not just about making a movie and I learned a lot in crazy. We can't just go hide. Once I make this movie. I have to actually take action and I got to bring stuff to Lynn to like to watch him do that and then tell him like these. Are the things that at once crazy? Rotations came out. I learned represented it to be very specific about what sauces are on the table for that meal. Better be the way thereof Wella. Put It on the table We better be specific about Hair and and and patterns on their clothes or the voice on the radio it better be from that region a better not be a Spanish voice. Because that's different than what's happening here. We had a very open onset so actors could say this is not the way it would be moved the camera reset the lights like. That's these are the things that we had to stop and do because that's the type of movie is the type experience we're making. Is that time in our podcast. We ask our guests to share a bad Asian confession and that's any story or life experience or situation that's made you feel like you're a bad. He's so what's yours. So what's my well? Well probably the worst Asian thing I did was my mom maybe take violin as a kid and piano and I didn't want to rehearse so she would force us to practice every day for like thirty minutes and eventually she was like. I don't care what you do. You have to sit at the piano and so I would sit at the piano and Bang. The keys as loud as I could and make up songs about. How much hated piano? I would torture player myself voluntary piano wire so I would think probably Asian parents would think. I'm a terrible terrible. My brother's probably sisters think I'm a terrible human being for torturing them that well thank you John so much for joining us. It's been really great to have you into talk about all these things into to unpack unpacked. Some of what we covered today. There's so much there's always so much to talk about their so much like I really actually really wanted to talk about not understanding what representations really meant. I mean I understood intellectually and then when I think it William you who put up that Hashtag starring John Show literally the image just the image of John Show and Joshua's trust in the right spot of being a movie star and being a leading man and he put him in all those posters and just that image broke my brain. I remember not being able to get it out. I'd been in the movie business for so long and I remember looking at that and being like that. That is not just a a movie. That should be done. That is a marketable movie and that is a movie that can be done and yet it's not an it just like literally collapsed. My brain of what should be possible. I've been like a to the studio business and a student of what can be sold and what can capture like pop culture so as just as something as simple as seeing the image to know that it's possible can change everything and I see what Craciun has been able to do. I know that there's so many more walls to break our brains. We don't even know about yet. Hi there. Do you have a bad Asian confession. You'd like to share with us. Call US at two one three nine eight six five six five two. That's two one three nine eight six five six five two. Maybe we'll even play it on the show. Blake this one coming to us from a listener. Who GREW UP IN ALASKA HIGH? I want to leave my bad Asian confession so I am half Thai half white and I grew up in a very homogeneous small town in Alaska and as find that I am content only navigating between like in my Asian enough where my wide enough and I confess that. There was one time when I was in highschool to dance clash and we had a survey and they had the response where they were like. You know checking the box here race but it wasn't check all the PRI- check one or the other and I didn't know how to answer that question I was like I don't have to choose which side I consider myself as and I asked my teacher and she said Oh well you look white you should just put white and I confess that I followed her instructions and that moment is still on my mind today so I hate having to choose between the two entities as a happy person. I feel like that's something I have to do. Quite often for that is my dot Asian confession. Okay that's IT FOR EPISODE. Twelve of our podcast. Thank you so much for listening. Asian enough is hosted by me. Frank shown in by Genio. Our senior producer is Rena Palta. Our executive producer is abby federal. Swanson in our engineer. Is Mike Heflin? Our original music was composed by Andrew epic and this podcast is always dedicated to the memory of Lena Awkward. Come back next week for another great conversation. 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