President Trump, Trump Tower, Bernstein discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Back the audio sound bite. Here's Carl Burstein. This is. A montage of Bernstein, the great Watergate reporter hack, I should say. And we have a montage that spans February two thousand eighteen to March of two thousand nineteen and we can focus on any of them. But why not Bernstein? He's always been the clown. He's always been a hack. He's been unloading this Bs for two years. And let's just listen what Muller is doing. He is going to present. A vast narrative report of the Trump family, Donald Trump, President Trump, the Trump organization Russia and the business dealings of the family the organization and the interna seen dealings of those people with Russians Ethno Russians Lawler has been very focused on Trump's Russian dealings and with s no Russians the famous Trump Tower meeting, which indeed was king. Seend for the purpose of collusion. The most serious counterintelligence people we have in the US government saying oh my God. The president's words in action lead us to conclude that somehow he has become a winning unwitting or half winning pawn to Vladimir Putin, quote collusion or conspiracy to cooperate with agents of a foreign power despite with Donald Trump keeps saying about no collusion. No clues. No collusion. People all around him appear to have been involved in some kind of nefarious relationships with Russians Donald Trump for the first time in his life is cornered. He is boxed in by Muller. And.

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