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Don't know exactly in terms of how to put things whereas who's this who's that? Luckily we got 8 more games to play, 8 more weeks to go. Everything will work itself out in a much clearer picture than it is right now. When those world of sports, I'm your host, Wendell Wallace, so glad that you could be with us. Speaking about some of the situations that happened this week in the NFL, here's one thing the Cleveland Browns. Finally releasing Odell Beckham junior in the move that had been in the works since Tuesday night, the browns and Beckham's representatives were still finalizing financial details on Thursday, this past Thursday that would ultimately result in the browns placing Beckham on waivers because he wasn't going to be putting all the wafers until this week that there was no team to claim him for this weekend's game, the browns tried to trade Beckham, the only team that seemed to be interested was the New Orleans saint for just a tad, and they were finally like, nah, can't go ahead and do this. So Odell Beckham, junior, this tenure in Cleveland is over, had 17 catches for 232 yards, zero touchdowns and 6 games of the season. He only had two 100 yard games in the 29 games he played in Cleveland and only 7 touchdowns playing for the browns. So I don't know, man. I guess really quickly, you have to think how much of the how much of this didn't work should be placed at the feet of Baker Mayfield and how much should be placed at the feet of Odell Beckham junior, both of them bear responsibility for it. But when you speak about this failed relationship, is it indicative of Mayfield not being a solid franchise? Quarterback now. He was great today. You know, through that long touchdown pass, he was very proficient. You know, he had great statistics, all those type of things. What was he? He was, what was he today? He was, if I could just bring it up, he was going to know Nick Chubb at a big game. He was 14 or 21, 218 yards. For an two touchdowns. So the browns through the ball 21 times, they ran the ball 23 times Nick Chubb, 14 carried for a 137 yards. They didn't play with Kareem hunt. But everybody's speaking about, well, that's getting back to Cleveland Brown football, running the football, the set things up for the past. Okay, pass. So, okay, I get that. So what does this mean in terms of Baker Mayfield going forward? Because to me, a guy who's going to be asking for somewhere in north of $30 million, he's got to be the guy that is the key to the offense. He's going to be the guy. Can't be Nick Chubb. It can't be the running game. If I'm going to pay some guy 30 something $1 million, then he better give me more than just, I have to rely on the running game for me to be consistent enough to win football games..

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