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I like the little Mike laughter at the end the punctuated. Yeah. So. He's missed a lot of games because we talked about guys who become injury prone as go has been injury prone. But when he's played he's been really good. He isn't lineup tomorrow. I don't know that Jordan Hicks is coming back Ray because his contract up and he's hurt a lot. But again, it's give you your chance to reflect. Yeah, I really like him. I liked him as a player at the university of Texas. But the problem there is the same problem. He's had here which is staying healthy. And he's he's another one of these guys that it's always something different. He always gets a different injury all the time. Now he's had to achilles injuries. That's that's repeated on him. But I think they're on a different legs. We broke his thumb in his done. His honeymoon broke his thumb on his honeymoon. I mean, he's had he's had what you would just have to consider bad luck in a lotta ways. But when he's played I will tell you. I think he plays very well. He's he's a and this is true. This was true of him as a college player. It's one of the ring things I really liked about. It was a college player. He's a very he's a very instinctive player at and he's playing a position middle linebacker were instinct is key. Instinct is one of the things that makes Leuke Keithly a great player if you watch if you watch film of Leuke, clearly he's actually moving towards the ball before the balls even snap team. He is so good at studying the other team and based on their formation and our tendencies he kind of knows even before the ball snapped where it's going to go, and he's always has seems to have that first step advantage and Jordan Hicks is a lot the same way. He's a smart kid. He's very studied does this film work, but he's also very instinctive on the field. And he he just has a feel for where the plane is going to be as a field where the ball's going to be and he's around it all the time. So. I really do like the guy. I thought he was a good pick. Where the eagles got him in the third round. They took a chance that maybe he would come the NFL, and and be a little more durable than it had been in college. But it really has been one thing after another his first year. He only played eight games his second year 2016. He actually did make it through the whole season. He played sixteen games all sixteen. But that's the only time in his career. These been able to do that since then last year only seven games this year. He's played eleven games. But it's been very hit and miss and even this week. You saw him sitting out some days of practice and Doug Peterson says he expects him to play tomorrow. But he hasn't been able to practice this week's which means he's got a got some sort of a calf issue now that's bothering them. I know they really like him as a player, and I know they would like to go forward with him. But I think the injury factor is such that I'm not so sure they're going to offer them another contract. I really I'm really not. No, I think probably not. Excuse me, another guy who may be playing his last game. Tomorrow was an eagle we'll discuss that later is left tackle Jason Peters who has been with this franchise longer than any player. He started last week he left I think in the first series of downs right with an ongoing. Quadriceps issues are doctor from Cooper, bone and joint. Dr Mark Pollard joins us. Now. We're gonna talk about that. How are you today? Doc, I'm doing very well. Thank you very much. Good. Your quadriceps are okay. Perfect. Good. Well, Jason Peters can't say the same. So let's just kind of start with. What what that is? What are the quadriceps? And what what do they do for us? L? The quadriceps muscle. Of course, are the the big muscles on the front of your side that allow you to straighten your knee out to kick it's analogous to the hamstring. Which is on the back of the leg. It's a lot more common to have problems with a hamstring hamstring strains hamstring polls. But certainly the same kind of things that can affect the muscle tendon unit of the hamstring can affect the quadriceps muscle. And so just like with the hamstring typically, they're irritated by acceleration? Running sprinting playback titties the quad on the front oftentimes it's decelerating pushing off jumping kind of injuries that irritate that area. So they do happen. They're not nearly as communist hamstring injury. So it's, but it's it's an injury that to me would be characteristic for an offensive tackle. Because one of the things that an offensive. Tackle has to learn and execute and practice every day and coaches are always afterwards. What they call the kick step, which is when the ball is snapped the guys on the outside. And you watch them, you know, it's all in the footwork, and they have to take that first step back, and it's kind of a kick step where they they set up a brace themselves for the past protect and that would put that would put immediate strain on the quad. I would assume. Yeah. Just a quick step into, you know, just start have to brace the body for impacts promotion, you know, for run blocking getting that good push off. And you know for pass blocking bracing for impact. All of those things would put almost instant strain on that area. So you know, certainly can be problematic, especially if it doesn't settle down in a quick manner. So he's going to try to start. But. It's the kind of thing that can just happen again. And again, and again, and then he's gotta leave. Yeah. It's difficult with these kind of soft tissue injuries to to gauge you know, how serious it is. 'cause it's really. There is not a good way on a on a study in MRI or an x-ray just figure out how quickly these things are going to get better. How quickly they're going to become not symptomatic, essentially, you know, you can get an MRI is useful. If it's your injury where there's actual a lot of physical damage to the muscle. But if it's just a symptom thing, you know, how that how badly does it hurt when it's used that's different from one person to the next, and there's really nothing you can use objectively to figure out when when the time is when the optimal time to return. It's going to be less question for me. Doctor is there's is there anything that they can do in a preventive kind of way the trainers before the game. I mean, it doesn't seem to me like the kind of thing that you could brace or tape necessarily the way you could say a knee or something like that and says a quad thing, I don't know that you'd be able to do anything in terms of sending a guy out on the field with some kind of protection that would make it less likely that he could re-injure it. There's there's really no brace or sleeves or anything like that. The the big thing is to make sure that they're properly want up and stretched, well, you know, the the kind of common sense things will didn't high school, right? All right. What's your pick on the game? Doc. We'll say eagles twenty eight seventeen. I like it. I like, hey, thanks for checking in. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. All right dollar coupon bone and joint a little more confident than I am with that spread. But there you go by the way Vikings bears. Vikings are currently a four and a half point favorite on that. Okay. Now that line has moved a lot this week. It got up as high as six and a half at one point the Vikings have been favored right from the beginning. Because obviously they have more to play for. But the line got up as high as six and a half, which I thought was really high when you consider how good that bears defense is now the last two days has sort of backed off a little bit. And now it's down to four and a half, which I think is a little more reasonable. But the Vikings have been favored all week for the obvious reason the Vikings absolutely have to have this game. Or they missed the playoffs bet on that game. Right. If I if I bet on games in I have we're sitting here in Delaware race-wrecking, right? Take that escalator up one floor and go bet on the game. You could bet all you want. Yeah. But I can't ban on. Game. When I don't know what the importance will be to that tees your anything if you're betting on that game. You're also at the same time betting on another game. Right. Because saying okay, I know that either will or will not be important for the bears. So therefore, this will happen. Yeah. So you really betting on two games at the same. Yeah. You really are kind of betting if you're betting those game. You're also betting the forty Niners Ramsgate, but baseball they're going to react. How that other game is going. It's ellison. It's it's hard enough to win one to pick one side right to try and do it twice. I would never well look up who games to talk. I never bet anyway. But I I would never touch a game like this. They'll turn a crawl out of a hole when you told me to bet everything on Hawaii that was a long time ago for heaven's sakes. Jerry Glanville was the defensive coordinator at Hawaii. That was the greatest day ever because and I'll never do that again. Now, I know that. But that's why it was so great because you said like, look, I never give betting advice. It's really not something. I do. I don't bet on games. I've never given advice. But this one today this game in Hawaii take all the money you own out of the Bank and invested in this game. Head possibly lose said quite that. I think if I remember, right. What I said was we were to slacks hoagie up in Newtown square. It was I town. I think you're exactly right. I think we're definitely at a slacks, and I prefaced everything by saying, look, I'm not a betting man, I've never been in my life. But I think what I did say was, but if I was ever going to bet and boy did I step in it. There was a run on the on the ATM machines at that moment. Well, Hawaii was getting thirty eight points. You know and teams visiting team's going to Hawaii. They all spend all the time laying on the beach. They don't mean they would they win the game. But they never cover nailed it. You know? You know, how long ago this was y'all Longos was. Yes mattress Matt liner and Reggie Bush. We're still playing for Southern Cal. Then I know how long ago was because I think it was it was the same slacks, and it was around the same time that Reggie Brown came out to that slacks. Yeah. It wasn't the same day. But it was it was it was in that same managed, it wouldn't give Reggie Brown a free hoagie. Yeah. Wouldn't even give me a free soda. I said diet coke. You said. Okay. Here you go that's to test two and a quarter. There's an arrangement here. He didn't seem to understand that part of it. Now that one didn't work out that well, Sean in Virginia, Sean, you're on ninety four WIP good afternoon guys. Hey, sean. So, you know, the eagles underachieve this year when you have seasons like this show is look for silver linings what no on the good things about the season..

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