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Just that's right that's right. This is the BBC. My Dad says it. Oh how convenient yep he kicked you out on. Independence Day and here. We are in Good Friday stab stab Bingham or crucifying him right. Here's the description. The hosts with Tendon Keith. A with him. Keith gives the audience a quick summary of his dad. Is the mega saga continues with Dave Hill? And Chris Goes Back. Kinda sums up the history of the data emails and dead tells catch. She should bugger off. Keith comes clean that there's Keith approve. He loves him. Threatens taking keep. The court tries to turn Keith Against Handa. Tries to make Keith FO- bad for hurting his mother and tries to make Keith. Feel even worse for letting down. God this was some email. Keats starts a new email threat to ask his dad. How he's doing with Jake Florus and Alex attack. Despite Keith revealing the shocking truth cat still sends Father Molly. Another email quote one more for Old Times Sake. We'll keep an his dad. See each other in person ever again with Kyle Thompson and Laura Regan Museum manager and trained historian. Historian Noah looks back at Father. Molly's past namely his so called work in magic. The articles are laughable shocking and scary about the great doctor. Doctor Doctor Professor Reverend Mike o'malley Esp. Scholar also keeps that can see the future and then back to just the condemn myself. A look that's also a linguistics expert. Also Dad reaches out. How are you doing in this cove? Nineteen Environment Keith. Response keys all of that in in just what one season or an episode in the season. This is some sick shit and lock on you. Could you could start at the beginning. Serving makes sense to you at slash dad like we said but just just a you get a grip of what we're talking about if you're new. This is Keith. Talking about cat fishing his dad pretending to be his ex wife. I don't know how to see that statement and for people to go. Yeah got it. You don't need to repeat that. Hit that rewind button or just go straight to K T G DOT COM Slash Dad. This is this should be like a netflix..

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