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Out on who comes there who out defends there who defends but uh the but huh media um matters media for matters america for america uh the uh council on the american council on american islamic islamic relations relations um um jim d jim janice jackson avenue d allowed janice jackson to avenue have you back allowed on your show to have you back on on the show my frustration on my here frustration gives here you gives know we elect trump you know we elect and trump he goes in worked and he supposedly goes in worked this supposedly came in his agenda this came in his agenda the republicans are course the republicans in are congress course the rhinos in congress they're the fighting rhinos against they're him a fighting rugby against them obamacare the road to be rugby now obamacare the taxes or whatever now the else taxes or whatever uh else he winds of losing uh he flynn winds of losing you know flynn when g you yeah know you when know g um yup you very know credit honorable very out is quiet that honorable really had out to happen if that really but had to happen good morning our i don't to me you listening to to me you you listening and to you knowing you and were going to be on the knowing show you i were put going to a call be on into the show trouble i for put about a call an hour into trouble ago for about because an he hour and nine ago because in he talked in last week mcmaster came up answered always sharing with doug and i should review with me your take on mcmaster which is very similar to yours not surprisingly anaheim i'm just wondering why in the world would trump appoint somebody that's recommended to him sabae say mccain in that group whose eyes drug recalls okello or rhino swamped dweller uh this to me is selfinflicted in alba guys running the people out there were on the original teamed good sir let creep perhaps may be in over is head he really hasn't had any experience with anything like this and the washington dc and culture is so corrupt is like a lot of i've met a lot of business people and i actually met i went on an at a meeting with one of his um national security staffers at one point and he reflected the.

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