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In the town then through the cut of the hill watch out for a broken down near twelfth street north bound for somebody one is under fire from two seventy five to the bridge chucking were news radio seven hundred WLW welcomed his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center during this challenging time advanced dentistry would like to say thank you to all the health care workers and folks on the front lines out there you are appreciated out there again today we're starting your forty and a warm to sixty seven this afternoon we'll see a little bit more sun this afternoon tonight fair skies down to the mid forties and tomorrow sixty six for a high partly cloudy with some isolated showers and mainly after four o'clock from your severe weather station I'm not first warning meteorologist Jennifer catchmark news radio seven hundred WLW forty seven degrees right now it's hard to find anybody in America whose lives have not been impacted in some way by the corona virus out this is Jim Ryan Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer sums it up for many of us this is a challenge unlike anything we've ever faced before a new ABC news Ipsos poll reveals that nine in ten Americans have had their daily lives disrupted by covert nineteen and that fewer than half think they'll return to their regular routines by June first eighty nine percent of us now worry that we or someone we know will be infected with the virus up from seventy nine percent last month same poll finds a majority of Americans now disapprove of how president trump's handling the crisis unemployment rate soared to four point four percent in March up almost a point from February when it was the lowest in fifty years we'll see how Wall Street reacts when the markets opened at nine thirty today is the day small business owners can apply for loans to help me get through this time when most of America shut down government money is being distributed to your local bank or savings loan our under this bill to the banks and credit unions to make these loans directly so they will be they should contact their local bank if they want to get one of these ones since congressman Steve Chabot loans will be forgiven as long as a business uses the money to maintain payroll for the next eight weeks local hotels now offering discounted rates the police officers and health care workers afraid to go home after their shifts are over because they might infect their family members number of Cincinnati police officers are now staying at the Hilton.

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