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To luxury SUVs late this year or early next year. John Aaron WTO P news. 9 18 now. Back over to Mary de papa in the traffic center. All right, thanks, Joan, and we will start out traveling where you might find a little volume, no major incidents, but south down 95 in Virginia. The last summertime hurrah could be underway south you'll hit the brakes set into woodbridge and then again, through stretches of Stafford county kind of heavy, easy pass express lanes join in anticipate those to be slow to get in the mix, but that does become the breakaway point, nothing reported incident wise and running well through spotsylvania county, northbound begins to slow and Fredericksburg, and you'll hit the brakes again, Dale City and woodbridge again. It's been all summertime volume. 66 running eastbound toward the beltway and unexpected delay, they have a work zone set up. They block a right lane, three lanes continue straight through to the beltway. There's also a Jersey wall, so if you're taking the outer loop be prepared get far to the right because only a single right lane will get you to the outer loop four 95 south and it is the Jersey wall that separates you. So if you missed that, you'll have to work yourself around using the inner loop, the left exit could get you in the express lanes or continue straight ahead, turn around at route 7, not hard workarounds on an early Saturday morning. 81 travel volumes were running in Rockingham county or if you're running southbound Rockingham county hitting the brakes, the work that was at route 33, that has been cleared on a brighter married to pomp and WTO P traffic All right, let's check out our forecast here with Lauren ricketts. He's going to be another warm day out and about temperatures are going to continue to rise into the mid to upper 80s today Well, lots of

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