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It's partly because it is one game it's not an award for who has the best season it's not like a end of the season this is who deserves a it's just one game and and there's so many different factors including the game plan it's like if the panthers and broncos for instance played ten different than i don't know that the panthers wouldn't have won some of those super bowls but on that day the broncos were decisively better and at least i think with these teams you can look at them and say on any dade one of them could be the silently last year's game could completely blows up on i'm about to say but in that panthers broncos game in nazi hawks broncos game the first 10 minutes of those super bowls in i think the super bowl is a bit of a different atmosphere than a week eight in atlanta or something that those games were decided so quickly by what happened out of the gate in in it everything that you plan for for two weeks if you were carolina was blown up it was utterly blown up the one thing i look at eight rates are different there are different and i almost safe even if everyone says oh the eagles see to get up on new england and make a statement early in the game new england it's still fresh in our minds it feels like yesterday we were just at the super bowl last year they have proof with eighty nine percent of the same roster that no deficit can keep them down experience does come into that were no matter what if you're philadelphia have not been in this game situation with any of these players new england has done it over and over this is just part of their by rhythm part of every season for them there is a tough knockout to me the eagles situation is bowls plays good to great and then it's the it's the old model and we've seen the model of play in the past how do you beat the patriots on the stage or in the playoffs as you gotta get to brady and rattled the.

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