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Wanted to translate. It's it's all bite Relationships on it's all bite belding those relationships with the students with the kids On trying to get them to see something exciting And just seeing that light bulb moment of something. Clicking is is just the reason that you totally so any reason. Why english was your. I'm certainly when i went to my own secondary school I think sort of maybe the second or third year there. We were introduced to poetry. And that's a major terminal furloughed of people sheriff vermeille dot was winning lifts started to come alive. I couldn't believe that and something that could be so short and so concise. They're could be so many hidden meanings in so many layers and so on going on within I think that was when i started to latch on then sort of by extension. You're looking at poetry and then you start really to think about the lyrics within songs On music has has been something that. I've always really enjoyed been really passionate about so i think the to kind of sort of dovetailed into one another almost. Yeah i could see that. So lee I always like to start at the beginning so talk about growing up. You mentioned in the small town. Your parents were together to your seven one. Were they music fans. Was there a lot of music in your house when you started. I think Yeah there was. I remember certainly like the top. Forty on radio is an on local. Radio stations were national radio stations. Just the radio always be on in the bike ride in the kachin And things like that I vividly remember. My mum would be very much sort of country. music oriented. Almost sushi was a massive fun and as a massive fan of the eagles and alan jackson Those sorts of people of of being my dad. Dan was a big fan of fleetwood. Mike and sorta may be slightly row care stuff as well obey. Cdc and meatloaf. I remember certainly. Those artists being played at home. I think that's probably sort of sparked my curiosity of artists of that era of sixty seven busy at the medicine particularly seventies in the at least i graduate high school in nineteen seventy seven and there were You know fleetwood mac. The eagles for two of the biggest bands So you know. I guess i'm both sides of your parents. And that i think i get coleman Totally born in the rolling day. Kids get him to music tastes absolutely so as you started getting older Did you steer. Did you find your own. Passion did you. Did you go through a rebel phase. Where you're going for either grunge punk or rap or did you know. I think i actually. I was the exception. There was lots of that going on during my tiny my high school wasn't yeah Other was definitely a section of of those kids who were listening to nirvana on the grunge aspect of things also at that time bonds like the killers were starting to come and things like that And then also sort of down's music and stuff like that was very popular Whereas there was me and on my. I applaud whenever we were sitting in class. Do art and you're likely to lake lessons here. And things like that. My playlist was just and fold of flagrant. Good mike of the arrest. Mix of the eagles of elton john. Boehner george michael youtube. That was oh my sort of self. So i wouldn't say actually. I rebelled from what my parents had less than two. I think i actually ambulance in. So when did you discover.

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