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A little bit romeo cornell no charlie weis no l grohl no kirk farance in college ranks aunt goes back to what i've said with these coordinators that there's no guarantee you're going to be great head coach emap patricia it might be a brilliant defensive coordinator i don't know if he's ahead coat josh mcdaniel's i don't know if he's a head coach great offensive coordinator it's just we you know you get promoted when sometimes you look at somebody and say like dick lebow i'm going to guess somebody at some point said you're not a head coach bureau a defensive coordinator dom capers even though he was a head coach for a little while the other certain guys where the you know wade phillips these defensive coordinator but guys get these head coaching jobs or think they're they're entitled to a head coaching job and maybe that's not their their personality their makeup doesn't suit them yes mclaughlin i still am always fascinated by that fact that tony dungy and mike holmgren navy read the since are such good coaches and ballot you know that list you read a belt is not as it because i don't know is it those other coaches empower the more empower their assistance more i you know it could be personality charlie weis in romeo cornell didn't have that takeover a press conference personality now they made it may have been brilliant what they did with the patriot i also think when you're successful the patriots somehow your overinflated like man you gotta get bad guy i mean alabama with their coordinator i you gotta get that guy nail sometimes it's more about this the system nature in then the individual plus when you win it just feels like wow that's going to rub off i mean who is really taken bella checks secrets and taken them elsewhere the only savings assistance at the kirby smart taken the oil all of his secrets there to georgia i don't know but i do think that once you win and we all of a sudden think by proxy blow you've got to be scoot who the head coach.

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