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I think what we saying now with this retail rene zones as you put it is that they release a place full retailers that are willing to do what they do very very well but i suppose another challenge might be that if for instance you are successful at creating a small independent retailer and then different locations of the same retailers dot being other places you can run that risk of becoming a bit too ubiquitous and people start to see the small retailer something that's just a bit too common and i suppose sometimes you might lose that sheen of individuality how do you tackle that sort of paradox that way you won't be successful in open up different locations but at the same time you want to maintain that element of individuality each verse stores have a similar program bookstore cafe machine each one of them will be tailored to the local market they'll have reflect the local architecture that we're flective kind of the culture of the area it will feel like it's another chain store going to your right that you do that it begins a dented the notion of what it means to be a small independent bookstore we also with our technology have the ability to have local authors come in and write their own books they could self publish children can come in local schools could on previous their own books we have we haven't have now where child could put their name of the book all of them's about being a community offerings of the local being special sawai do think it do is absolutely possible to get the benefits of the comedies of scale by grow heavy multiple stores i also think with our technology with our merchandising approach that you can't be very local you can't thread that the day nella their chief executive of the book retentive shakespeare and company speaking to monaco's ben ryan and our series on slow media concludes on tomorrow's edition of the globalist.

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