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Women's soccer players ever American icon Christie Rampone is going to join us next hour. I'm excited about that. Yesterday. We touched on this because a couple of nights ago for the Padres Fernando Tattoos Jr. Who's a young 21, year old star in the making, who has been one of the highest Ranked prospects in the game for a number of years. Padres led the Rangers. I believe it was seven nothing Late in this game bases were loaded. The count was 30. And Fernando tattoos, Junior swung away at 30. And belted one. Into the stands for a Grand Slam. So is in a late game already blowout, and he tagged another four on on a 30 count. Now people were not happy. Including manager Chris Woodward. Here is Woodward. Yeah, I think there's a lot of unwritten rules that are constantly being challenged. I think in today's game, so I didn't like it personally. Down. You were by seven in eight innings, typically not a good time to swing 30. That's kind of you know the way we're all kind of raised in the game. Chris Woodward is not terribly old. He's 44. He did playback of the nineties and to thousands for a number of teams, So he is a former player. He was an infielder for the Blue Jays. The brave the Mariners, the Mets. But he's not like 60. He not like 80. He's not like Jack McKeon or Lou Penelope. Really old school guys. So he's a 44 year old guy who is a Manager for the Rangers, a first time manager. And he is saying not Okay, unwritten rule when you lied big late. You're not supposed to be swinging at three and oh, Here is Fernando Tatty is junior Who says he didn't realise this was an unwritten rule. I'm in in this game since since I was a kid, man, and I know a lot of rules. And but you know, this time, I didn't know I was. I was kind of lost on this one. I was, you know. They told me after 57 After six. Something like that. And you know from those experiences gotta learn from it. Uh, probably next time we'll take a pitch. Fernando Taxis. Junior's dad. Fernando status had a long career in Major league baseball. So this is kind of what status is saying here having a baseball since I was a kid, my dad played baseball. I know baseball. I didn't know this was an unwritten rule. And here is where I stand on this. This was a battle yesterday amongst the old school baseball people and the new school baseball people. I think you know me well enough. If you listen to the show semi regularly or regularly or been with me for a number of years that there's a bunch of things in sports that I feel very traditional about. Uniforms are one of them. I feel a CZ, though. Uniforms have gotten out of control there nonsensical. They're silly, and we should just go back to basically all of the old school uniforms. I would feel better. I hate artificial turf. I hate domes. I believe baseball and football meant to be played outdoors amongst the elements. I do not like indoor climate controlled artificial turf or field turf. Nonsense. I don't like it. I don't like teams moving. I like them staying where they've been. I like them rewarding the fan bases that have been there for a long time. I like the old ballparks. I love Wrigley. I love Fenway. I hate the fact that they thorn down Tiger Stadium and old Comiskey Park and old places like that. I hate that. There are some things that I feel are very important to move past. There are parts of sports that are trapped in the past. I've talked about this with the thinking of a spring football around college football for the last couple of months. The people that have said You just can't do it. I hate that because it's not forward thinking it's not progressive. It's not opening up your mind and saying What's the solution here? So I realized I can Straddled both sides of the fence. But in this case To me, it is detrimental to baseball. To punish Fernando Te teas for that moment. Here's why Young people. Our staying away from baseball because there's not enough action. And there's not enough. Personalities. There's just they are lacking that in a big way. Basketball is constant action and big personalities. Football has big plays, and they're developing personalities. Big stories. Major league Baseball continually suffers because there isn't enough action and there's not enough personality. Well, Fernando T's solved both of those things with that swing. It's a boring game. Nothing's happening and what baseball's unwritten rules or telling you are You're not supposed to do anything there. Take a walk. Don't do anything. Don't swing Because it's unbecoming. Don't show up the other team. Now, what would you rather have a four ball walk where a guy trots to first base and one more run, walks in or A Grand Slam, one of the most exciting plays in baseball. If you're a kid, you don't care about walking In another run. You care about swinging for the fences. And Fernando taxis. Is this cool, young dude? Who has a great He now lead the league in home runs. He's got these cool dreads. He looks cool and looks hip and looks young and looks fun and plays it. And you are punishing him for playing it that way. Hey, man, you've got to be more conservative, more old school. Don't swing have less fun..

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