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Cates. The Texas US Senate battle is in the spotlight voters on both sides of the aisle will tell you the threat of a so-called Blue Wave exists and is motivating people to cast a ballot. This woman brought her young daughter to a better work rally to get a glimpse of tight political race in Texas. Daughter politics at work this veteran and Cruz supporter says voting is the only way to fend off the wave. That's our only weapons towards helping this country and keep our freedoms after high early voter turnout. Election officials anticipating a busy Tuesday at the ballot box. Clayton Neville, Houston. Allies will also be on Florida tomorrow night. Correspondent Ryan nobles. That's why Florida is perhaps the most highly watched state Tacoma on election night because it's really the only state with two competitive statewide races. And it's also one of the biggest states with highly competitive, racists, a US navy reconnaissance aircraft flying in international airspace over the Black Sea has been intercepted by a Russian fighter jet today. Correspondent Barbara Starr, the Americans reported that this encounter lasted for twenty five minutes on one pass the Russian aircraft cost the Americans to feel turbulence on a second pass vibration before the Russians put on their afterburners and Bank away from the. The American aircraft. Harvey Weinstein's lawyers what a sexual assault case against him. Dismiss in a court filing. The former Hollywood producers attorneys say Harvey Weinstein's indictment was tainted by police misconduct. The attorneys. Want a dismissal or a hearing on what they call the extent of the misconduct. The Manhattan District attorney's office declined to comment. Police say the evidence against Weinstein is compelling and strong. I'm Mike Cremedas on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average gained one hundred ninety one points, the SMP up fifteen the NASDAQ closed down Twenty-eight points. I'm Ann Cates. This is a court ordered notice current and former Ford Lincoln and mercury owners or lessees can receive payments and other benefits from a.

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