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And I'm Karen Moscow in U.S. stock index futures are moving higher. It is 6 O one on Wall Street. We check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg and futures have erased their losses. The S&P futures now up 6 points and down futures up 37. NASDAQ futures up 22, the Dax in Germany is up 8 tenths of a percent. Ten year treasury of 5 30 seconds yield 2.87% yield on the two year 3.27% John. And U.S. futures are higher this morning, Karen, minutes from the fed helped boosting sentiment traders found some dovish elements from the Central Bank's July meeting. Lauren Gilbert CEO of wealth wise financial says there's uncertainty but still a chance for a solid returns. Information technology services, we see that as an opportunity because unlike goods that have had the pricing pressures with good prices continue to go up, while you have wage pressure as well in services, you don't have the cost of goods issue. Lauren Gilbert with well twice as technical indicators show markets could sustain a bull run in the months ahead. When it comes to the fed minutes, John, Wall Street focused on Central Bank officials discussing the need to eventually dial back the pace of interest rate hikes. Eric luan, principal economist for the conference board, said the important takeaway is that the fed will remain in data dependent in its approach. We all kind of figured they're going to at some point have to dial back the pace of the increases. It's a matter of what rate and when. So with the next meeting, a little over a month off, we still have about quite a bit of data points that are going to be coming out between now and then that we're going to have to watch. Eric, lund with the conference board, it says if inflation continues to fall, the fed will be well positioned to ease rate hikes. And count we're also going to be watching for more economic data to 8 30 Wall Street times the Labor Department releases figures on jobless claims, economists predict a new high for the year with claims rising to 264,000. We're also going to get existing home sales for the month of July, the national association of realtors is going to release those figures at ten. On turning overseas now John stocks in Asia fell overnight as further downgrades to China's growth outlook soured sentiment. Bloomberg is really at Sally joins us from Singapore with the latest. Good morning, Juliet. Good morning, John and Karen Goldman Sachs lowered its projection for China's GDP to 3% from 3.3% citing weaker than expected July economic data, as well as near term energy constraints Nomura slashed their forecast to 2.8 from 3.3%. The Bloomberg median forecast from economist is now at 3.9%. Stocks fell in Japan, China and Hong Kong, and the Aussie was lower for a fourth session after almost 41,000 jobs were lost in the nation last month versus expectations of a 25,000 job gain. In Singapore, Juliet sali, Bloomberg daybreak. Julia, thanks now to geopolitics, tensions with China remain front and center. The U.S. and Taiwan now are set to start formal negotiations on a bilateral trade agreement. That story from Bloomberg said Baxter. This is the next step in what has become a very heated and very sensitive issue for China. The statement says the two have already started formal negotiations, but the first sit down round will begin in early fall. They say it will cover trade facilitation, regulatory practices, and a corruption standards and deepening agriculture trade among others. The statement says it will promote innovation and will deepen the relationship. In San Francisco, I met Baxter Bloomberg daybreak. All right, Ed, thank you. He turned to corporate news now where news from Apple is front and center, the company is aiming to unveil its new iPhone next month and Bloomberg should eat a young joins us live with a details where you need a good morning. Good morning, Karen. Bloomberg sources say apple's big reveal of the iPhone 14 is expected to come on September 7th. The flagship product generates more than half of apple's sales in the update comes at a time when smartphone sales more broadly have started to slump as consumers cope with inflation and a shaky economy. The launch kicks off a busy fall product season for the tech giant, which will include multiple new Macs, low end and high end iPads, and three Apple watch models, live in New York. I'm Renee young Bloomberg day break. Ready to thanks as sticking with corporate news Walmart CVS Walgreens theory getting hit with a big fine. The pharmacy chains were ordered to pay a total of $650 million over failure to properly monitor opioid prescriptions in a state of Ohio. It's the drug industry's latest setback in the litigation over the painkillers. Well, John and the earnings Francisco systems came out with results that beat analysts estimates shares are up almost 5% in the pre market after the company gave a bullish forecast to get more from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. Cisco is the biggest maker of machines that run the Internet and corporate computer networks it said revenue will grow two to 4% in the fiscal first quarter from a year earlier, analysts had predicted that sales will be roughly flat from a year ago when revenue was $12.9 billion for fiscal 2023 the company expects sales to expand as much as 6% the outlook suggests Cisco can weather a shaky economy and tech spending slowdown helped by better access to supply. In New York, Charlie pellet Bloomberg debris. All right, thanks, Charlie. Bed Bath & Beyond another stock on the move this morning shares are down right now. 14% in the pre market as a big investor sours on the stock. Roy Ryan Cohen's RC adventures says filing that it might sell as much as 7.7 million shares of Bed Bath & Beyond, RC, the retailers, second largest shareholder after BlackRock. Well, on the flip side, John shares a Bloomberg bio are up more than 13% in early trading, the company's gene therapy for a rare blood disorder was cleared by U.S. regulators. Bloomberg said it plans to charge $2.8 million for the first ever one time treatment. And coming up today more earnings on the docket this morning retail and focus once again, we're going to get results from BJ's Kohl's and Estee Lauder. Right now, down futures up 69, you're listening to Bloomberg daybreak

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