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Over five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com next traffic report at eight twenty eighth on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM back to weather forecast for today any lingering flurries and snow showers will come to an end this morning leaving behind a slippery coating to an inch or so of accumulation in some spots mostly cloudy in Chile the rest of today high of thirty four tonight partly cloudy and a low twenty six tomorrow partly sunny and windy not nearly as cold and a high of forty three on Monday back to school for many students in the Chicago area clouds and some sunshine high once again of forty three right now we have thirty at o'hare under cloudy skies a wind chill of twenty thirty two at midway thirty one at the lake front sand in Glenview cloudy thirty two degrees going up to thirty four double D. V. M. news time may twenty our top story this hour thousands of people are in the streets of Baghdad shouting America is the great Satan as the funeral procession gets under way for Iran's top general killed in a U. S. airstrike euron is following a harsh retaliation raising fears of an all out war will have much more on this story coming up at eight thirty one Kmart is now a memory in northwest Indiana the times of northwest Indiana reports the Kmart in Valparaiso closed after forty five years in business the company overseeing sears' restructuring in bankruptcy court close the last for Kmart stores in Indiana just before Christmas WBBM news time may twenty one now a look at things to do around the Chicago area this weekend and here's W. B. M.'s Lisa fielding if the Jimmy Page birthday bash in Saint Charles let's upland tribute band cashmere will help celebrate legendary guitarist at the Arcata theatre Saturday at eight o'clock if you're a comic book fan the cosmic comic con is Saturday and Sunday at the pheasant run resort now it turns out he was always a lot of water is back in Chicago the two men parity condenses all seven Harry potter books and a seventy minute performs at the Broadway Playhouse through January nineteenth fans of historical racing film Ford versus Ferrari might want to check out a recently acquired GT forty in a limited run exhibited the volo auto museum it's open through Sunday if the winter beer bacon wind walk through Chicago's river north on Saturday explore the neighborhood while discovering some of Chicago's best craft beers and delicious wines paired with different bacon and pork treat and to him too and finally Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers will be giving their final Chicago performance for Hamilton at two PM at the CIBC theatre the pop culture phenomenon wraps up some more than three year run for listed descriptions of many more things to do this weekend check out the to do list at WBBM newsradio dot com news radio one of five point nine FM coming up for your weekend news quiz question why a yoga pants manufacturer is the company to watching twenty twenty WBM news time a twenty two at quicken loans are seventeen thousand team members know that home is so much more than a house that's because our clients tell us all the time Hey this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans and we want to help you save money on.

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