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They know that he wrote that i think it's brothers drama really similar yeah yeah no they don't they not look brothers looks a little tougher like his brothers i've seen his brother at the at the airport for me to so's brother his brother because my wife knows 'cause because he's date my wife's cousin jared leto did the drought and so my wife knows him and then i guess the drummer american actress seeing some director television early nineties my so called life so called life yeah so we started as a fuck in actor yeah yep nights to kids and then three six banning foreign nine hundred ninety eight he was eighteen years old when he was older brother shannon leto yeah right debuted into onto one was he born he's forty five now forty six nineteen seventyone december twenty six helix in both of his bread oh yeah is he does what are what he's doing besides fuck hangs like a bat bat wall just suck dry well lettuce well probably that's what is probably probably leeches a hang bat and just as i believe that there are probably he's empire beautiful there's some price and beautiful women in hollywood who are probably in their late teens early twenties that that that provide him with a fresh pint of blood they see he gets a straw and he basically drinks from their from their arms.

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