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Being targeted by someone throwing objects at their cars in the South Bay the CHP says thirty eight cars and trucks have been target on highway one oh one and one fifty six in the prune daily area since February in most cases the objects of shattered glass and put dents in the driver's side of the vehicles up to five drivers have been injured while the C. H. P.'s looking for the attacker they're asking you to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings right now is sponsored by a ponderosa homes we have some slowing if you're traveling into San Francisco the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and we've received word of an accident at the tolls no injuries involved however one of the vehicles is a big rig cell we're gonna be noticing a little bit of a delay they have to get an oversize tow truck out there to clear the SL expect some slowing southbound six thirty at certain noble of are the offramp blocked by a fender Bender okay maybe not a fender Bender we'll call this an actual Bender because we have a broken axle out there this morning everybody's okay one no one in the southbound direction at river road we have a bale of hay down the two middle lane so keep an eye out for that needs found five eighty even canyon we have a large boulder in the second lane from the left bark right now no problems to report however if you are planning on taking bark tomorrow writer should expect delays of up to twenty to thirty minutes at the Lafayette station this is because bart will be single tracking while they perform perform some work on the tracks explore ponderosa homes visit rose Avenue with states near downtown Pleasanton sycamore off of valley trails in Pleasanton red hawk in Danville and the newly opened ponderosa analyst Gerry ranch make your new home the ponderosa home go to ponderosa homes dot com California diari.

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