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Dot com good morning I'm John Aaron Alicia Abelson is at the editor's desk coming up a pair of famous lawyers will be among those defending president trump in the Senate the Senate impeachment trial now set but far from set witness testimony on Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller Iranian missiles did injure American troops after all it's ten thirty one the White House is added some prominent attorneys to its legal team for president trump's impeachment trial this is new this morning they are Kenneth Starr who served as the independent counsel during the impeachment trial of former president Bill Clinton and Harvard constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz will also serve on the president's team former independent counsel Robert ray will end of represent the president as well they will join the lead lawyers White House counsel Patsy Bologna and Jay Sekulow for only the third time the Senate is conducting a presidential impeachment trial well the full trial will not begin until next week senators yesterday were sworn in and pledged to do impartial justice in the case of president trump it's not clear how long the trial will take but if there are witnesses it will most likely run through the state of the union if that happens president trump could ask for a delay he could deliver it in writing or he could follow in president Clinton's footsteps and deliver the annual address to Congress as the trial is under way that CBS news correspondent mark Liberman the Senate impeachment trial of president trump could turn on the issue of whether witnesses are allowed to testify and the battle is just the beginning W. to appease Mitchell Miller has more from Capitol Hill Maryland senator Chris van Hollen is among the Democrats calling for witnesses and he believes their cases only been made stronger by the government accountability office report that found that the trump administration violated the law by withholding aid to Ukraine it just underscores the fact that this president was willing to break other laws as part of his overall scheme to abuse power but while a few Republicans have indicated they may be open to witnesses Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell currently has no plans to agree to witnesses at the outset of the trial and while he's moving ahead with plans for the trial he still believes the impeachment case brought by the house remains weak the framers set up the Senate specifically to act as a check against the short termism and the run away a passion to which the house of representatives might fall victim on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news we are now learning there were injuries after all among US troops and bases in Iraq which Iran targeted with missiles a statement from the U. S. Central Command says well no U. S. service members were killed in the a running an attack several were treated for concussion symptoms and are still being assessed summit launch still Germany some in Kuwait the big screen for traumatic brain injury the statement says this is being done out of an abundance of caution that is CBS news correspondent Cammy McCormick documents compiled by a U. S. based Syrian rights group reveal how Islamic state militants used one of their most powerful bureaucratic bodies to regulate daily life and impose and execute penalties new evidence could be used in the international prosecutions the Syria justice and accountability center says its twenty four page report is based on dozens of documents produced by ISIS itself thousands of ISIS militants including hundreds of Europeans are still being held in prisons in Syria and Iraq coming up the wife of a presidential candidate tells her story of sexual assault it's ten thirty four.

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