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From cancer i had no idea it was this bad but it is obviously was and he will be missed greatly by me another gentlemen that i work very very closely with during the reagan administration pat korten pat korten any was car public affairs person who would speak on behalf of attorney general meese and the justice department during during our time there and that was a dear friend and from time to time and i don't play a lot of golf but you know maybe once or twice a year i used to i don't even do that anymore we'd have a four some you know pat and me and a couple of other buddies old justice department guys we just had to get time we really were quite bad packet hit it pretty straight drive just another decent quality human being that you wanted to be around and he passed away last week he had a stroke and he passed away shortly after that it's important to live your life is best you can be the best person you kind of the best citizen you can i just didn't want the show to pass by without mentioning my two buddies ken bowman pat courtney we'll be right back.

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