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To understand he uses a versatile Mexican curse word to summarize his dilemma. Leave his family in order to provide for them or work himself into the ground and still not be able to feed them. Calvario Dominguez says this work is more relaxed. Despite the risks, he appreciates the steady work. This is the nature of fighting a major wildfire people converge from all over the continent to do dangerous labor. Contractors, pilots and thousands of workers. Correo, the crew's leader, says his team has learned to love the mountains of the West. He's half Mexican American half Native American from the Santa Ynez band of too much Indians. Mothers protector, helping Calm these fires down, Stop them from burning. You know our our lands. Correo says his job is to lead and share his ideas and experience with his Mexican colleagues. Everyone on his crew is curious to see which will end sooner their work visas or this ferocious fire season for NPR news. I'm the Raquel Maria Dillon in South Lake Tahoe, California. This is NPR news. After 9 11 U. S intelligence feared more attacks were on the way. We had so many vulnerabilities in this country, so protecting the homeland against foreign terrorist threats became a top priority, Not only where we much better integrating the intelligence, but we did it at a pace that was tenfold what we were doing before how the fight against terrorism has changed since then. Tomorrow on morning edition from NPR News. That's morning edition. Dylan Music has your local traffic and weather plus. California News and market updates all begin to get six tomorrow morning. Coming up. NPR's Alisa Chang talks with Kathleen Hoc professor of law at the University of Maryland about the decision the FDA faces on which e cigarettes are safe for the public and which should be removed. Story coming up in the next half hour here on all things considered. Headlines from NPR Just a minute away. It's 4 30..

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