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Do not disturb and he had planned this whole thing and he had been up there for so long housekeeping so anyone need to change your towels when my husband was out there after forty eight hours the majors entered the room and they were like we have a right to come in because we don't know what's going on and just so happened that there was a huge event going on their room overlooked the whole thing it makes me feel better puncher naked yes choke is he goes does do not disturb me bang on my doors let as you can in spanish he does he goes i'm in there and a woman goes to goes she goes housekeeping he's gonna he goes he goes i goes i told you i don't think you'll do you need towels he goes if you knock again oh my god i love that sense of humor everybody can take it relentless seven good for you because it's something i'll tell you what it is it's one of those things that my wife and i would sit down tell you this is weird sit down with a cd and bring our friends in and it had to be people that you really knew it's like out there he does a thing on rush limbaugh i can't remember her name actually ana radio show that and we had him as a guest longtime ago he does jfk joke yeah oh yeah the one about you know white people wearing you why do christians where it crosses all the time do you think when she comes back he's going to see another cross something about jfk manassas wearing a rifle pendant going somehow tied in dealey plaza with a traffic report and referenced me traffic reporting way back when bill hicks was alive billy well he ain't gonna longtime bill kind of lenny bruce kind of comic from the nineties early nineties late eighties isn't that funny hair and those round classes that people eighties he was brilliant he was misogynist and strange cat but he was a brilliant comic he wouldn't have lasted ten minutes in today's me to climate ten minutes.

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