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Your lotto i love i love seward it's like one of the most picturesque and to sell you at my hurts and homer horrors one of my favorite places i digress i know you're so at st casimir at one of the reasons i wanted to bring you on the show first says because you're one of our favorite callers on the show and this is accumulating discussion and so often people don't know more parties do they know arrogant in the inner workings of the party and i know i'm you wait they are in senate district de when we had to pick a new senator yes and in see you seen it pretty much from the ground up an now this is not your first republican party convention no this is actually my food advocates missing now in it it it's not easy to love united utilities get what you want a lot of times you might think you have a great idea air knee it's really hard to find people that will agree with you as and dose you find when he's had lawmaking sausage this is really how it happens people they they really parse words they debate over words there's notions votes over one or two three words in a specific party platform yar i am a plane talker i i don't like to to do that i like to make things as simple as possible uh kinda like in uh in the tradition of the founders who and our constitution and they did it simply say even the least educated among us could understand the meaning and you know they couldn't people love their the little people could detroit bob button will so easily by people in gun in their highly educated people without it was reminiscent to be so tricky as it is now no i totally get it and you know the thing that i found so excited we were both on the same subcommittee both were on judiciary shocking right yeah passionate about law and order and walk in the room and there were so many republicans that wish slowing sharon would the changes that have happened in our state and it was a unanimous voice and you want.

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