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Top keyword podcast. So what do you say? What is the meaning of this? All right, Let's get to it. Over the weekend. This headline was everywhere. Julianne Hough celebrated her birthday with her estranged husband. Ah, the former dancing with stars professional split from Brock Lie Brooke Lakes airlock two months ago, but they ended up having a surprise party in L. A over the weekend with her best friend, Nina de above And Here's what Julianne, half set on her instagram page. Feeling super loved right now. You remember? She brews the sky egos? Yeah, she liked him. She didn't like. Yeah, Yeah, she said she's bored during the Corona virus. She feels lonely. Scared in inches. Yeah. Hey, came to her birthday party. What do you think you think they're back together? I I think that she's still bored and she uses him and that's fine. Like I'm not mad at her for and I definitely can relate to that is being bored and knowing you can't hook up during Corona like I mean, you can't use it. You have to be careful about who you're They're married to each other. But I know what I have only been hooking up with each other. I'm just saying. No like visit. I don't feel like she's the type. That's no. She's done with him. He's just bored. You think so? Yeah. What do you think he doesn't seem? Wait. What do you think? I think she felt lonely. I think that he kept thinking there was going to be all these great things happening. She was at Oprah's tours. She was having these big stadium audiences. Yeah, I went and, you know, did her yoga moves with her and everything, And I think When your world crashes in. You just want comfort. Yeah, and he's her food. Yeah, and I don't but it isn't. Once things go back to normal. He's going to go back to normal by not having any interest in him. No. He's the type that like If he's busy, she could do anything. And right now she's not busy there. Enough enough. Kanye West apologise to his wife over the weekend. I mean, I'm is too little too late, a term that we can use right now, because I think that ship has so old Dave. Good days. Okay, We got that one. So you think there's no way she's getting back together? She's so done. I think she's going to for you know, she did a big thing about appreciates, saying that You know, we talked about mental health and stuff like that. So I think she's got a fake it for a little while, but she's done. He's done, Zo. I mean, he's a liability to her. Now. At this point, you're so I like how you call a spade a spade. You don't you told me. I know what you said in Hollywood. Speak did you're doing don't nap? I don't have any bridges to burn. Nobody cares what I say. It's lovely. All right. Here's this one on Let's see on Hi. Rob Lowe has a radio podcast and I just want to get your reaction to this. OK, so glad it's politics. They were talking about roles that they lost out to other actors. Okay, and I want yours to Holly. So she lost the role. Of Susanna and Legends of the fall to Julia Ormond. Can you even imagine Grant's Paltrow playing that role? No, no, like ever with no ever know And then she said she also lost the role of Sabrina Fairchild in the remake of Sabrina. Julia Ormond got that roll as well. Do you remember that? That was with? Um Yeah, that was with Harrison, Ford, Ford and Greg Kinnear. Yes. Yeah. Good culture just didn't have the weight that Julia Norman had on screen at that time. I remember Julia Mann in legends of the fall Her beautiful face and just all sad. She wass. Yeah. Was his name Tristan. Could be Pablo. Laurie and I saw that it Theoden a theatre really together when that first came out now, that was luscious Brad Pitt, his waving locks straddling his steed in the fields of the West was so troubled. Oh, you just wanted to help him. Oh, that was Remember, but I just remember him at his horse back with those long blonde flax and you're just like Wow, and she was so pretty. I think I should give you the room at this point. No one off, Okay? My friends told me that they watched ordinary people over the weekend, and it's been 40 years and they said that still holds up. Really? They said that still holds. I'm not an uplifting film. They just watched it. But Rob Lowe lost the part playing Konrad and ordinary people. The kid to Timothy happen. Well. Timothy Hutton won the Oscar for his performance. I like Rob Lowe and everything, but I do not think he has the range for that. No and Rob Lowe also said he turned on the part of McDreamy. Bond. Grey's Anatomy, OK, he might have been okay for that. But McDreamy. I mean, I know that we love McDreamy and everything the way he was, But I think Rob Lowe could have done that. You think so? No. Patrick Dempsey. He's under Manuel. So money, you get it, I get it, but I think Rob Lowe could play hot guy, Doctor for sure. Oh, he has and then here's what else, he said. And so here's Gordon's Pelt O's response to him, turning down the role of McDreamy and Grey's Anatomy. I don't know who McDreamy ahs Let What What are you talking about? What's McDreamy? He did not. He did not know. She said that? Yes. Ah, yeah. Oh, that is so on brand for goop That is so on brand for Gu May I've never even watched an episode agrees Nam Anatomy, But I still know who McDreamy is in Mick steaming. I know both of them in the industry people and she's gonna pretend she doesn't know McDreamy is she's like we don't have We have a difference of celebrities of a different sort of channels that you guys have never experienced a TV like that. So goop you are. Take it easy. I think you're so right. I think you're so right now. This This isn't a Hollywood speak. This is just a sad speak. Oh, no, This is just this dink Michael Lockwood, who is still not formally divorced from Lisa Marie Presley. And so their case is supposed to come up again. They're fighting over custody, money. Everything. On August 3rd. They're supposed to be in front of a judge for the next phase of their divorce. It's the divorce custody trial, So he went out and says this today. He's expressing concerns for Lisa Marie Sobriety over the her son, Benjamin Kilos. Death by suicide. So he filed documents last week ahead of their divorce proceedings, which saw August 3rd. They split in 2016 after 10 years of marriage, and they share 11 year old twin daughters, Harper and Finlay. On filing, Blackwood has asked the court to strip Lisa Marie Press Presley of primary custody, claiming new and significant concern over her potential relapsing. She hasn't even relapse. We know she struggles with drugs, but she hasn't even done it yet. So in in this, if if I'm hearing this, right, he just wants 50 50 custody. Which isn't too.

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