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Vaccine off the market. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. And at one 18 its traffic and weather on the 8s, Mary de pampa and the WTO traffic center. All righty, thanks, Mark. We're going to start on the Maryland side mostly work zones, but there is a crash now in jessup one 75 as you head east that route one, you'll follow police direction. The work zones you ask, well, 95 heading north you've got work in Elk ridge and passing route 100, they block a left lane, Baltimore, Washington Parkway, things have cleared out a little bit in green belt. We had slowdowns earlier. There was a disabled vehicle that's gone. Route 100 is slow west out of Glen Burnie to get past oak wood road works on state of the left to get by. They're working on the bay bridge, eastbound span has a left lane closed, but we do have two way travel on the westbound band, anticipate delays each way. D.C. two 95 running south, that is work off of the Baltimore Washington Parkway toward eastern avenue. They block right lane. Now, across the Potomac, west on 66 slows out of the Rosalind tunnel, getting towards bout run, stay to the left to get by, the work zone happening there. 95 where the ball are four 95, excuse me, both directions in Virginia between the dulles toll road and Georgetown pike right lane is blocked with work. It's the bed head sail at mattress warehouse come in with your pastor worst bedhead and save up to 50% on any mattress, visit mattress warehouse dot com married to pump, a WTF traffic. Let's check in live now with the 7 news first alert meteorologist Mark Payne as we enjoy a pretty nice Monday afternoon. Yeah, the clouds from this morning have moved on out and we're looking at mostly sunny conditions for the remainder of your Monday. It's going to be a very pleasant afternoon. Temperatures

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