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Your car do that It's your last chance to donate for 2021 Ten 1800 I'm just gonna traffic now with rob stallworth in the WTA Travis center Well our quiet morning is now over as more people get on the road Common start to pop up and they are in place in Virginia northbound I 95 after lorton exit one 63 two right lanes blanc for the extinguished vehicle fire there southbound expect delays going across the occupant and down to one 23 Eastbound 66 as you pass the manassas rest area headed past bull run crash reported before route 29 incentive may involve one overturn to watch for authorities as they head to the scene there No issues on the beltway between Alexandria and mcclain in Virginia in Maryland things are clear on the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties no problems on two 70 to speak of If you're in Ellicott City southbound 29 south of I 70 the left side is blocked for a broken down vehicle there traveling I 95 looks pretty good Seeing some delays unusually on the bottom of Washington Parkway both ways near powder mill road may think there is something in the roadway possibly southbound on the BW Parkway past one 97 in past powder mill road Westbound route 50 the ramp to three O one the south root three That's where we had the report of some debris in the roadway no problems going across the bay bridge between Annapolis and the eastern shore You guys are looking pretty good The traveling at this point on D.C. two 95 it was southbound after benning road That's where we had the broken down vehicle on the left lane northbound looking pretty good as you leave joint base and a costume bowling headed on to D.C. two 95 northbound continuing toward eastern avenue where traveling to reporter be open no problems on the southeast Southwest freeway if you're traveling in the third street tunnel northbound you're clear toward New York avenue I'm rob stallworth OP traffic Thank you rob Let's get our weather now with storm team forest chuck bell chuck It looks like it's going to be a very beautiful day Yes indeed Sun is shining for now Here at ten 20 in the morning temperatures.

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