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Let's play some of this better sound because there's a lot of it but i haven't heard going at an athlete this way where he goes at barnes barnes who was sitting this out. He goes barnes with the most personal of details. Which is how derek fisher. Publicly was in the home of barnes and he sings about it and makes it super personal with the idea that barnes is raising or. I'm sorry that fisher is raising the kids of matt barnes. You run your mouth talking about somebody like me. You need to stop what i'm told you. Don't step in their goddamn quick sample. i don't gotta lie. make up. she d- only joke. You get more win this basketball joke go run out you. Keep hitting new. Basketball jokes are keep hitting you know. Real solvay okay life. Now which one did like you. You'll granddaddy that was black. Your granddad our white causes isn't deep issues. you did. You can understand what the gop trying to say. Then in america right now white people are scared to talk about black people right now as a home and you know camera every day talking about blackmail you want to sit here and make look a certain white one saw an joe some physio done open your derek pearson joe key do you try some gas. Pick them up the only joke. You got his about basketball. I got a joke about your life. Talk the talk about. What is their fisher is a mentor but a stepdad. It a what could he your mentor to you. And this went was sent there and got your donets to say so kasey bertoni nichols no. I'm going to say so. I ain't got no big pie k. You responded to that you you stupid mother jane earn. Thank you joel. The resentment the hissing rage. In that. Made me wince. When i when i heard it i'm like oh my god. This guy is unleashing fifteen years of stop.

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