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It's heavy. Tmc and me. Sean sows were show. Sean is the wise. Eternal judge who sits on high has the final say on all disputes. Back to sean salisbury. Show on sports. Talk seven hundred sports doc. Seven ninety shot sows ratio. Great to be with you here on a monday and posing the question about simone biles. I don't get into people's mental health because anybody that's been through it. It's a struggle. It's real in this country and people deserve because we don't know what goes on in their head or in their lives. And i i am very very cognisant but also sympathetic. And what's the gist. Just understanding of what they go through and all that that part of it i get. I do believe that if you've qualified for an event you deserve the right to compete. I also know this that if you say. Mental health is an issue of the reason why you didn't finish the team event and you begged out of the individual events. At least originally simone biles will compete in the balance beam. The you do leave it open for question to blame mental health. One week handful days later did you're okay to go compete so there are gonna be questions and quite frankly i understand a month simone biles side but i do get the questions and she doesn't need it for my viewing pleasure because i'm normally. I set my appointment in my clock by the olympics. I haven't watched two events the entire time. The only way. I've been able to keep up on metal count following the caleb drexel's in the us women's now. I haven't watched a minute a soccer. I've watched any of it. I haven't watched a minute of the of of the. Us women's national team compete in the olympics. I've seen some highlights and normally i'm all in but with all its gone on. No fans in the stands. They don't compete for my viewing pleasure because you know it doesn't matter they're there and they've earned the right to be there and it's some will never be able to make it back the olympics and there's been some phenomenal performances from what i've read and seen on highlights but this is the least i've ever watched an olympic games. It is so. I don't really know who's won a lot of different other metals other than looking at the metal count. I know simone biles phenomenal. But if you're going to use mental health as a and understandably that use it as a crutch i didn't mean that that's not the point but if mental health is an issue and you're still going to compete and you said mental health was an issue. People are going to question it. I'm on simone biles side. She does none of us an explanation but people are going to try to get one. I hope she wins the gold medal. She's been the greatest female gymnasts. I've ever seen and i know this can't be easy on her because mental health is an issue but are going to be questions and there probably should be because mental health is an issue and others that are going it would probably ask the same thing but we can never judge a person's mental health by your mental health as well john. Welcome in man. What's up my call sean..

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