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We'll talk about your winning a minute, but I KINDA WANNA go back because I I was fortunate up until this year and I know I'll be cran and doing some announcing for him, but up until this year. I've kind of followed along your journey in the Midwest. short-course series and I feel like two years ago. I remember you kinda showed up with an R. S. One. You're one of the first guys to really show up with an S. one everybody kind of thought or like man. That's different. You know what I mean, and and then obviously you had some teething issues last year. I feel like you of Hit your stride a little bit and this year man coming out swinging like you you like you're just made a statement. Hey, I'm the guy to beat like we've seen this entire like arc with your. With at least with the irs one man. Yeah for sure Yeh, you said first year we had some Some issues trying to find the right sat up and we kinda just through a bunch of stuff based on what everybody said. And then last year we started halfway through the season I think we started really get some momentum, and then over the winter I'm just like you know what we gotta just take what we learned the last two years and start start fresh and don't go completely back to the drawing board, but take what we learned. The past two years and make a new vehicle and platform, and that you can see it it. It showed this first round here. Yeah well and I know. Manu was. This was such a big race for so many reasons, obviously the kickoff to kind of not only the midwest short-course season, but short courses a hole in the US. I think the is Ronnie. Rx Obviously Champ off road. It was their first official race is. Kind of the new sanctioning body there. By large look, great fan attendance I mean great racer tenants. I mean this was I feel like this race was was stepped up a few from last year. Especially in the notoriety, just going on in the world I mean we'll go to the vibe there at the ground floor, ex. Yeah, for sure I think everybody was had. High expectations for R. and especially Champ Offroad being the new sanctioning body this year with The Midwest Short Course and champ really stepped it up. just with with everything. The marketing livestream the videos I mean it was just unbelievable all the the events and stuff that they had coming up to the race, and also the the whole event that they put on there at earwax. Yeah well. I WANNA. Talk a little bit about your car. 'cause you showed up and and. Sometimes we talk tires on the show other times. We don't this one. We're safe. Though because gentle tires got a family of brands that includes continental tire. WHO'S YOU'RE TIRED? It's all the same family all the same company, so we're allowed to talk about what you showed up to your ex with and I gotta tell you I'm watching the livestream and all of a sudden you pull up onto the stream and it was like shocking like. Like your Carla completely different than everybody else, and I go to your instagram and immediately see these pictures, this radical new hoosier illiteracy desert tire. You're telling me. It's a desert kind of stopped short course, but you saying that people there look like you're ready to go ultra four racing, but dude you gotTA. Tell me about this new tire in kind of a look in the stance of the car because you're a RS me, man. Yeah I think quite a few people kind of chuckled when we showed off, you're like what the heck is he doing like? The tires just way too big and We had our our Dallas and we were skeptical going in but just with the limited time with everything going on in the world and the new rules adopted around tires WHO's your had to pull out of their bag there at the last minute and it ended up just working awesome like we were all kind of in shock. We knew we did our homework dollar testing, but after the first qualifying event on Friday and We took fast time and to other drivers. They were running. The tires also took second third. It was kind of like. Wow, this. This is real, they we we actually are going to be. With us, so it was really cool, and just all the changes that we've made the car. lowering the C. G. and that was that was like number. One priority is lower the CG as much as we can. And I mean everything just seemed to work well together, We did do a lot of testing upfront, but we didn't have to go back to the drawing board. We just had it make little tweaks here and there and just the whole package just seemed to work awesome together. Well and honestly there's a lot of unknowns coming into the opening round. Obviously, we. We know you're going to be strong. Obviously, you know there's the guys Beichman. They're always strong. Obviously, you can't. You got to mention the Greaves, and and obviously there's a bunch of other racers that we all know are going to be fast and Kinda in the mix, but you know. Coming into new season, you really don't know anybody else bringing to the table. You kind of got an idea who might be quick, but you really don't know I mean it was a little bit of nerves in regards that obviously leaving Rx. Target on your back with the two one officially you know after his also done man i. mean you guys got to be stoked on on the way? Things shook out. Yeah, I'll be honest. We came into the season pretty nervous I mean I I was confident. I know I'm doing good I. I left the season last year. really good, really confident. We got the car work and good, but I mean this is even though. It's still an our. Lon-! It's We still didn't do anything radical, but we did quite a few changes that it. It's kind of a new car. And then we got. We throw the new tires into the mix and thirty inch tires that that and there's a lot of upcoming is coming in. And it was, it was a huge unknown I mean at one and I was like I. We got this and then at the other end. My buddies and Work people were like. Yeah, go out there and win and good. Luck like you're gonNA. Take the wind I'm like Oh, I hope so like I'll be happy. Be at the top five and like my main goes beyond the podium and I mean I never expected to be up front like I think. At the end of the day after day one. We got the confidence and. With a talked with the team, and it was like we really have a shot at winning this because our stuff was not perfect day one and I'm like we. We actually have a shot at this if we can make the tweaks and make this car. Perfect. Ethics, we actually have a shot, so I went into the bane. Leaving especially starting on pole that we got this it definitely was not easy as As you could see on the on the livestream or the recap video Jeremy who is coming strong. That's for sure. Yeah definitely, and that's kind the thing I mean. There's definitely no easy wins in any of the UT divisions in the Midwest I. Mean You want to talk about? Stack fields and Every single one top to bottom. It's kind of a stack field, but I want to shift gears and talk a little bit about you. Because of what a.

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