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Anybody left in this draft? That it's not a competition thing. Is there anybody left in this Jack? They think or. They have graded higher than they had geared stadium right like if they had. Jacobson ranked higher than jeered. Maybe do that Jake from graded higher than they had geared system than maybe but I don't think they force it to one guy would say it would be jake from. Yeah I say last night. When they passed on the opportunity to add Jordan love he was the last guy in this draft that has as much or more talent than Jarret Stidham. So when you let him go. Now you're dealing with guys that you're GONNA have to be high intangibles guys and to me. There's two in this in this draft. Jake Frahm we've talked about and also jalen hurts going back to my time in New England. Both these guys that value system in New England there Jim Rats. Those guys are really hard to find winners their leaders you look at. Jalen hurts probably came into this process as a fourth round. Pick the more the. Nfl has spent time round this the more they bought into them so just from just from knowing what New England values at that position and a guy that might not have the same arm telling physical tools that Jarrett Stidham has because his very good. I'm a huge believer in Jarret. Stidham you're going to have to have some of these other things to compensate and the two guys that have them. Are Jake from in Jalen hurts. You know what's interesting to me? Their belief in jared actually started last year guys on Labor Day when they cut Brian Hoyer so last year with championship aspirations. They're going to season with Tom. Brady and a very small sample set on Jarrett Stidham. So not only do they believe in him last night over love but it goes back a year ago to just one preseason that he was their backup quarterback for me and I know Dan. It's GonNa be shocking that you and I actually seat backs a little bit differently. But his Jacob Jacobsen was being out by Jacob from Georgia. He went up to Washington. You have one good year. He's sort of the prototypical in the pocket quarterback he has to clean up his footwork his accuracy. I think maybe at the bottom of the second third round I like his upside and even though from has incredible intangible guys I agree with that. I just think at the end of the day from the fields can be condensed because he can't get the ball outside the numbers and that's why would separate eastern over from because at least at the NATO easing can get the ball down the field outside the numbers. And no matter. How smart how studious. And how dependable from is I. Don't think his arm abilities can be good enough mighty. I'm sitting here trying to figure out how you draft me because pounds. I'd appreciate how did you. How did you pass on the in the first round man listen Eastern has got so much physical intrigue you talked about the arm strengthen the in the New England tree so so to speak. I would say this. If the New England Patriots believed that Jacob off the field and in intangibles embitter ship qualities can match his physical qualities. Then they should take with the second round pick. I mean that's the truth is if they believe that those things can match the physical talent. Take Him with your newly acquired second round pick but that's a question that New England has to answer and Mike T. That wouldn't have been a question for me. Man I would have been. I would have been the same on on both levels okay. You're you check both boxes. He's still checking Mike. All right guys. Thank you very much more. An atom back with us our intrepid insiders as we look ahead to round two and guys speaking of which because it won't be long. What will you be watching tonight? And we'll start with the quarterbacks well with Jake from here. I think the expectation that I'm hearing is that maybe he gets taken into the third round. He had these great intangibles. Yes quarterback coaches fall in love with them but the physical skills is tantamount pointed out or pretty average. It's interesting. He has the distinction of tasting off to five star quarterbacks and both Jacobson and Justin fields but that was because Kobe smart the head coach at Georgia saw. He was a game manager. And that's why you step with some believe. That was a mistake at Georgia now. So Adam go ahead yours and more. You heard gymnast. He talks about jalen hurts elevating stockton this process. He came in as round pick. And I believe he's going to be going in the second round tonight. Just too many teams like the colts ever need. A quarterback steelers have need a quarterback. There's a lot of teams out there that need quarterbacks and I believe Jalen hurts elevated his value into the second round of this draft tonight. More definitely become an intriguing guy and you know. Let's talk about Jacob and I was a little surprised Jim. Nagy saying that the intangibles but listen He. Here's the prototypical size on the arm and some pedigree there because Tony since certainly played in the NFL but as teams have peeled back the onion. What they don't like is what they're hearing about his work ethic it does not meet the standard and will it ever meet the standard and so even in this off season leading up to the draft. So Jacob Beeson is intriguing on tape. I don't know that you've got glowing reports from Washington sap or even from the Georgia staff so I do think there are team. There's a team or to this as too much talent not to not to take a chance on and Moto's the rookie quarterback that could be in play tonight. The veterans who are on the trade bloc have been in play. And we'll be in play all weekend long. You Store Trent Williams. The redskins have been having negotiations with teams as of the Jaguars about Iana Godoi. But they have said that they are going to be unable to deal. Yana Gaga in their point in their mind now again. There are other veterans out there. Andy Dalton as a pricey contract number was insanity. Janaka gangways that guy. The Jacksonville doesn't think you'd be able to deal. I think of all the veterans the one. That's most likely to be dealt at some point. This weekend would be the Washington offensive tackle tremblings. He's the name to watch. He's the name to monitor the other players. The other veterans were time where some of them with the big money. They command like. Yana can. God where Matt Jude on. Whoever WOULD BE? They'd have to take a physical impassive physical. It's hard to get a physical. These days and teams are going to be leery about paying money at this point in time to players like that plenty of talent still on the board as we enter date to. If you're a prospect that was disappointed by last night's results. Consider THIS LAST YEAR. Second Rounders actually took more snaps last season then. Did those drafted I. I like it. Rex Who do you like tonight? I like Xavier mckinney out of Alabama one of the most productive players in the entire draft. It's hard to believe we still there. He ran a poor forty. Who Cares? Put the tape on. The guy is a tackling machine. He makes plays all over the place so I love the guy the next guy is and Anton Winfield. The all he is he's like his dad. He's short who cares not smalley short. But he's attacked another guy that'll tackle you. And he can flat run grading coverage he's got the pedigree both these guys are going to be stars in the League first year starters. I look at K. J. Hill out of the house state. You talk about a kid. That's been coach really well under Brian Hotline. And you find a team. That's looking for a slot receiver. Listen this kid can absolutely route you up in a team is going to like him tonight. Take him tonight and then add them to an offense and he will wear out the middle of the field and then listen jalen hurts one of the greatest stories that we've had come into the draft in a long time in his jury wrote a time in the NFL where it's about what you can do. Not What you can't do in put him on this team tonight. That run the ball really well believes has a good defense and man. You can add to your football team and just opened up a ton of new place offense. I like those players tonight..

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