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For honeybee populations field trials just concluded last year. We made our announcement the end of last year and. We Pat be patented this, but then opened up royalty free. The patent honeybee farmers around the world. And then we hope at some point this real year to roll out bio patties and bio sprays that are based off these species after our UC Davis trial commences. And so this is a field, a large scale, field, trial and almond farms, which is kicking off in a couple of nights. So essentially, it's a probiotic, Patty, it's almost like a pancake. Okay. So in the hive, and, and that populates, their gut flora, with something that helps them avoid the negative impacts of these nicotinamide of pesticides annoyed of the foul brood disease to three leading causes of colony club. Right. And just for people that don't know like paint the picture of colony collapse disorder at its at its, you know, alternate. Yeah. Beezer the most efficient pollinators that have or ever will be discovered or invented if we lose bee populations we lose nearly every single blooming crop or fruiting crop that you find maybe some in small quantities root vegetables would persist, but a lot of the diversity that you see from above ground pollination. Is are virtually gone. I mean, models that predict it say that the supermarket the, the fruits and vegetables of the supermarket be decreased by over ninety percent. If. Yeah. I mean, the easiest way to say it is whatever you ate for breakfast this morning. Probably won't be here. And that's an and there's also other implications like cotton, for example, that have of course implications for other industries and other uses it really broadens, the opera on the work that you're doing. This is not just hey, you know, like we want to create a probiotic to make people healthy like it's really an effort to address the declining vile diversity of the planet at large, and the implications or the, the sort of applications of this science at your developing are really limitless. And I think also the applications of science that's really often stays kind of guarded behind, you know, in academic institutions, or for many reasons, often doesn't make its way to humans or or for other applications that can be immediately kind of put too. Heusen to make an impact. So that's part of the bridge. We've built and very proud of. One of the things that, that really blows my mind about the microbiome in the human body. Is this developing science and awareness around the connection between the gut and the brain and my first introduction to this was through these? Studies that were done on cravings, and essentially in my most Lehman ability to describe this, what I took from that was that your micro bio, can literally essentially hijacked, your nervous system and signal your brain to crave certain foods that feed. The, you know, whatever it is that, that flora, actually needs to feed on is that accurate. Can we talk about like that, because that's crazy? We think of ourselves, essentially human beings. We're making decisions where we have self well, and all this thing we have free will. And yet, the idea that, you know, these micro organisms that live within our body are actually dictating what we crave. And what we ended up putting in our mouth is kind of a mind blower. Well, I am I exaggerating hair or no. So high fat consumption, increases the prevalence of organisms, that are life Ilic just low fat loving. And it's annoying. Canary most of the organisms that evolved for. Generations in humans are carbohydrate loving, or fiber complex, carbohydrate loving organisms, and so the community does change. It's unclear whether the microbes are driving dot.

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