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The kind of coverage Do the same for you. Gabe dot com Slash spends two minutes absolutely free. No obligation. Not gonna spanning the robocall. You do know that stuff. You won't be disappointed. Do it now. See how much you could save on homeowners and car insurance. Gabby dot com slash mints in G A. B i dot com slash Spence and Debbie dot com slash benson Benson Every day. Doctors Without Borders teams confront hard facts and conflict and crisis zones when others might look away. We step into act because nasal still kills more than 100,000 Children every year. We're there to vaccinate over a 1,000,000 worldwide, including those affected by the current outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo because half of all maternal deaths occurred during delivery or within 24 hours. We've assisted more than 1.4 million births around the world, including care for new mothers in Afghanistan because some countries on ly have one or two mental health professionals way offer counseling and clinical care. Providing over 400,000 mental health consultations worldwide last year, including care from migrants and refugees on the dangerous journey north from Central America. The fact is your acts of care and compassion, make our life saving work possible picture the impact we can have together doctors without borders dot org's Did you know that the U. S. Dollar has lost 1/3 of its value, While gold has outperformed the stock and bond market by 300 per cent over the past 20 years, the crash in the US dollar is coming..

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