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First tank. That's code win. This is Atlanta's morning news with Scott Slade. That's the top three things I need to know the weather traffic. Everything to get me started. 95.5 WSB at Lena's news and talk Sorry. This morning in the morning drive. We'll talk about the big problem when I 20 the West Freeway and Maura in less than three minutes. 7 10 company rescue temperatures 40 new this morning WS Peace. Michelle write reports live problems with the jet engine prompted Delta flight out of Atlanta to divert its landing. Marcie, that's right here. The plane, a Boeing 7 57 leaves Atlanta Monday afternoon bound for Seattle over Idaho and indicator pops up warning that there could be an issue with the engine. And after what happened over the weekend on that Boeing Triple Seven United flight in an incident with a Boeing 7 47 in the Netherlands, the delta crew ops to divert this flight landing without incident in Salt Lake City. There's no damage reported to the plane and in a statement, Delta says the diversion was made out of abundance of caution on the 128 passengers on board or being re accommodated to get their final destinations. Avoiding life. Michelle right, 95.5 WSB. The focus is on metal fatigue after United engine blows apart after takeoff from Denver of these families, That means it could be metal for chief of all fan blades that are built for this particular engine model, and the implications of that are pretty severe. CBS Travel editor Peter Greenberg says all 77 sevens. With that particular Pratt and Whitney engines are now grounded. United is the only domestic carrier who developments in the unexplained death of a 16 year old girl in John's Creek. Police issue warrants for 25 year old Sean Salim make a black Jesus on charges of concealing a death and contributing to the delinquency of a minor least, do not explain how that factors into the death of Carly Brooke Jackson. She was found unresponsive on Valentine's Day. Jackson was a junior in a JV cheerleader at Johns Creek High School. Police in Plano, Texas, drop misdemeanor charges against the Black teenager arrested for walking home in the street during a snowstorm. Nation. I don't care a boy home. You're officially detained. No. Yes, Thank you Want Whoa, Stop! Stop! Stop! Officers throw 18 year old Rodney recent jail for the night for walking in the road. Reese was heading home from his shift at Wal Mart. He believes his arrest was racially motivated. So what's next? Cove it and now you got this crane situation. She operates a salon, a midtown right, where an unstable cranes in the process of being dismantled. Taking a very long time for evacuated residents. This man tells Channel two action is honestly was thinking that it was just gonna be something like come back in a couple of hours, but it's been days, The WSB 24 hour traffic team is guiding you around the road closures that West Peachtree and 13th WSB.

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