Virginia's Incoming Lt. Governor Winsome Sears Shares Her Story


I've got so much to ask you and I know we have a limited amount of time together, but I first of all, just an amazed that the messenger in this case wins some Sears has a story. And where you came from and the history of how you do you mind for people who they love the way you speak and they love the message you have for America, they love what you're going to do for the Commonwealth of Virginia. But for the benefit of people who don't know your life story, would you mind sort of taking us through your journey? Very quickly, I had said before that my story starts with my father, but it actually starts with my grandfather who came to America back in the 30s as a fruit picker because some extra money so that he could help his family. So he came pick some fruit and went back to Jamaica. And he did that a few times and then my father came in 1963 from Jamaica after, you know, he could prove who background check who he is, who he said he was, and everything else that he had to do and then he was allowed into the country. That was August 11th of 1963, just 17 days before Martin Luther King Jr. gave his I have a dream speech. And so I asked my father, why would you come then? You know, it was a bad time for us and because this is where the jobs were. And I said, yeah, but you came at the height of the civil rights movement. He said, this is where opportunities were. He came with, took any job he could find, but himself through school started as American dreamer. Now he's comfortably retired, and by the way, this house that he's in. It's the second one he's built since retirement. I said to him, it's too big for you. You know what? He said, leave me alone. It's my money. Imagine that. Leave me alone. It's my money. I

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