A highlight from Rolovich out at Wazzu & mailbag!


I'm Bruce Feldman joined as always. It's by my colleague from the athletic Stewart mandel Stu as we taped on Sunday. We had some coaching news. That was at LSU. Less than 24 hours later or about 24 hours later, there was another big bombshell announcement and it came out of the pack 12 in Washington state. Nick rolovich is out as the cougars head coach as well as four of his assistants. It's pretty rare that you see half a staff get lopped off at mid season, especially when they want to last couple of games, but obviously there are some big extenuating circumstances. What do you make of the situation in Pullman? It's been a two month we've known since August that this day would come. Unless he had a change of heart. So it's been like a kind of a slow motion train wreck. And now that it's happened and like you said, I mean, I think the perhaps the most significant part is that it's not just the head coach. We've seen plenty of schools have to play with an interim head coach. It's half the staff. And they've got a game against BYU this weekend. And there's only so many GAs and whatnot that you can promote. And by the way, they've been playing very well. They've won three games in a row. They're in contention for the PAC 12 north title after a one and three start. How what happens from here? I mean, how do you know, how do you game plan? How do you get in enough instruction with the guys on a week to week basis? Well, I had asked on the Zoom call and asked patch on the AD about this part of what we're talking about of the dynamic, which is the contingency plans I'd heard that they were sorting out to try to add assistance. He said, you gotta keep in mind, so it's not just Nick role of its head coach. It's the offensive line coach as well as the offense recorder. And Nick role, which is a hands on offensive minded guy. That is a big chunk of what, you know, essentially, is the run and shoot offense. And as Chen said, there's just not a lot of guys on the street who are versed in that system who are available to coach it. I mean, I had a back and forth with a college coach who was like, maybe they should try to get mouse Davis. I know he's available. The mouse Davis is 89 years old. You know, he was the you know that's a good point that he left and he left behind an offense that hardly anybody I think they may be the only program that runs it at this point. So you can't just sub in some random office recording Jones from my understanding is not going to do it. June Jones is a mentor to Nick role of it, as I said, mouse Davis is 89. I found out, by the way, you know, he was born. Police, Washington of all places. Never coached there, but he was born there. What are the odds of that? 4 million to one. I don't know. But in all seriousness, I'm, you know, Jake dicker who's the defensive coordinator. He has taken over as the interim head coach. This team, as you said, I mean, they basically control their own destiny in the PAC 12 north. It's just the whole dynamic is really bizarre, how it has played out. It is already political politicized. It is going to get I suspect much more so as more people who maybe aren't college

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