Students Are Experiencing a Crisis of Purpose


My day job is to go to college campuses so you don't have to and the spread, the message of truth and of liberty and every message I give, I make sure that I tell young people the importance of ultimate purpose. And I don't know if you noticed this, you probably have, but for many students across the country right now, they are experiencing a crisis of purpose. In fact, I was in Minnesota in Mankato and I had some students come up and they say basically what is the point of existence? There is no God. There is no truth. And I realized in a very profound way that Satan, who is real, by the way, and the churches and talk about Satan enough. And we'll talk about Satan a little bit. That'll be not the most uplifting part of my message. Actually, it's very uplifting because we win against Satan. Thanks to Jesus. So there actually is kind of uplifting. Just a matter of how you frame it, Satan has done a very good job of leading us to believe that there's nothing to believe in. And we've seen that over the last year and a half and kind of in my job, I talk about a lot of different things, but I'm trying to bring people to ultimate purpose, and the ultimate purpose is Jesus

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