No One Knows How Life Came Into Being From Non-Life


A creepy dishonesty. That the scientific establishment now, of course, this is by no means all scientists. But a number of dedicated materialists or atheists are so afraid of looking at the evidence that they will come up with any crazy answer just to shut you up. So this idea who was it? I think it was Francis crick. I mean, this is one of the discoverers of DNA, okay? So in 1972, that's what did it. When he discovered DNA he said, wow, I just blew my own theories out of that no, but that's actually true. That's actually true that DNA is so complicated that you suddenly realize there's no way life can just, because of DNA coding thanks to Francis crick and Watson, it's so unbelievably complicated that science effectively has zero answers, which today they have no answers, right? But even in 1972, they knew they had no answers. So they asked him and he says, oh yeah, I think aliens brought it from some other place. And you think are you joking? This is like a junior high school student trying to blow smoke at the teacher because they didn't do the homework. And if you say aliens brought it, anybody says like, well, that's very nice, but I'm still asking you how was the life formed? Not who carried it here, not what suitcase or what spacecraft. We're asking, how did life come into being from non life? To this day, and this is why I find this stuff so funny. And James tour, by the way, I wrote this book in part because of him. Yes. No one knows. I mean no one knows how life came into being from non

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