Kathie Lee Gifford Explains the Problems With the King James Bible


To Kathie Lee Gifford. She just threw shade at King James. Yes. You know the King James that persecuted the Puritans that came here for religious freedom. That bum, remember, but we say, oh, King James Bible. Kathie Lee, you were just saying that the King James Bible, which was written by 12 committees that it's got some problems. First of all, the people who were transposing it transcribing it, whatever you want to call it from the original Greek and the original Hebrew, had never been to Israel. And so they had no geopolitical or cultural contrasts. You know, it's context. So they said they said, no, I know there are many things that are in the King James that you read it, and you think this feels like 16 O 5, England. Yes, first of all, Jesus did not speak the king's English. Jesus spoke Aramaic Jesus and he spoke Greek. And probably a little bit more because this was a trading post. The villa Morris, the road of the sea, along the Mediterranean, getting ahead of myself too fast Cathy's too fast. Was a major trade route to the north south and down to Africa and north to turkey, and on Asia. And so lots of people came through there. And now the worst thing is that everybody thinks Jesus was had been a Carpenter. Because that's what it says in the king's name. But he was a tekton, which is different. He was a builder. He was a builder. And back then, the only thing you could build with really build with was stone. Jesus was a stone

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