Biden hails infrastructure win as 'monumental step forward'

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That's who they get pissed at. Joe biden was the one thing that's bamberger said that was correct as people people who don't pay close attention to politics. People aren't partisans elected. Joe biden because they wanted to get rid of trump and they wanted to go back to normal and life right now is still not back to normal for a lot of people in the country. And that's what the i think that's fundamentally what the biden whitehouse's challenge is in the next year which brings us to the to the final section. Here which is where do we go from here. i think we break it into three categories congress by in the twenty two midterms congress. What do we know so far. About how tuesday's results might impact the passage of binds economic agenda both the infrastructure bill and build back better. It seems like in the house. At least the losses in the las virginia and the poor performance around the country

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