Geoff Shepard Questions Accuracy of Watergate in Latest Book


Finally this stuff starts coming out And what do you learn about the road map What do you learn about the prosecutor's office of the judges What do you learn as you're going through this Well the short summary is Nixon was driven from office by a secret cabal of vindictive judges and partisan prosecutors and cooperating health staff but what really happened is that the four top prosecutors took their records with them when they left office So the national archives is supposed to have all the files but they didn't have them And they grabbed they only surfaced within the last 8 years a four cashes of documents from four of the top prosecutors and then I got the road map on field The road map for your listeners education was the secret grand jury testimony that the prosecutors said nailed Nixon proved he was personally involved in the cover up but since it was grand jury evidence it was conveyed to the House impeachment committee to House judiciary committee in secret and we never saw it We never knew what they were accusing Nixon of having done So we were we were boxing in the dark I got to have them sealed in 2018 It had been secret for 45 years and that's what the book is about The book says look look at what they did Look at what they said in secret They couldn't prove it Mark they made up

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